Tuesday, August 12, 2014

More Knox

Mortal Fire, Elizabeth Knox
Holy mackerel.  I am mightily impressed with this book.  And it is a slow-paced book, friends.  And I like it.  Nay, I love it.  That's saying a lot.  I am a very impatient reader.  So if you love an intentional, thoughtful, slow-woven tale already, you're not even going to feel forced affection for the first half -- this novel is going to seriously light your mortal fire.  It's late.  Sorry...but I was up late reading the second-half of a slow-paced book in one sitting.  Me!  Onto the bullets (because I expect impatience from my readers);
  • Knox's writing is so rich!  It is excellent, but it demands serious concentration!  And when you're running on sleep dep and you're accustomed to fast-flicking through YA novels...the richness is intense.  I had to hard blink and re-read some sentences, because they were so dense with meaning and poetry that it made my head hurt a tad.  And then upon rereading, I was so relieved I had, because sure enough, pushing on in pursuit of only the gist of the story I would have truly missed something exquisite...every...time. 
  • So: this book is not a holiday escape quickie, nor a word-snack buffet for waiting rooms and bathroom visits.  But if you allow for the slow burn (the puns, they keep coming!), it is so worth it.
  • Mortal Fire is crazy-intelligent, beautifully well-written, and oozing original.  I am crazy proud that Elizabeth Knox is a New Zealander.
  • Did I  mention, the magical writing is backed up by a preposterously excellent story?  Because that deserves its own bullet; truth.  
Read more about an earlier duet by Elizabeth Knox set in the same world.   You can read Mortal Fire without having read the first pair.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Un-anniversary Day

A few years ago I declared August 11th as our un-anniversary because I wanted to publicly celebrate being eternally wed to Haki more often. 
So I did; here, here, here, here, here and here.

One recent morning, our girls slid off of our bed, demonstrating their being done with The Morning Cuddle (a.k.a. Our Glorious Snooze Button). 
Calls for breakfast echoed all around.
Haki, from under the duvet: "We need to get them cat bowls."  
For the record, he gets up and helps dispense food a lot
He also makes me laugh.  A lot.
I love you, and I want everyone to know so.

Happy Un-anniversary, Haki.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Some Pretty Good YA

Good but not mind-blowing:

Legend, Prodigy and Champion, Marie Lu
Here's three slices of uber-popular, post-apocalyptic YA for ya. 
I think of Marie Lu as an Ideas Writer, rather than a wordsmith.  I didn't find myself chewing a phrase thrice because it was pretty or clever.  I also wasn't wholly absorbed in the story, but I was invested enough to read all three books.  Average dialogue, simplified science and politics, but a fairly strong romance and quick and easy read.   
Language: (daggy) euphemisms are used, Sensuality: Plenty, and the actual deed is done (we are told but not given vivid descriptions).

Dangerous, Shannon Hale
Hard Sci Fi.  From Shannon Hale.  I do not kid.

I enjoyed this more than Legend.  I enjoyed the dialogue, humour, pacing, and characters veddimuch.  There's some crazy teenage insta-love, a bad triangle, melodrama and logic-lack here, but I forgave, and read on quite eagerly.  I went in knowing nothing about the book except that I trusted the author and that this wasn't fantasy.  While there are holes and I don't think this work is as polished as I expect from Hale, in terms of Hard Sci Fi, it's a fun read.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Three (where I write about all three)

Sometimes clothes coordination is a bit fun. 
Ivy longs for long locks like Esky's.  
We're getting there.
I'm impressed she still thinks it seems like a fun idea when Esky has spent months making long-hair-brushing look like war torture.
Reading/reciting with expression.  
I approve.
 The cherubs testing out the toy selection and complimentary hot chocolate at vtnz while our car receives its Warrant of Fitness check.
Dress-up and dance =  done daily.
Walking looks like this...
...until it looks like this.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Two Mama Interviews

Two Mama-Celebrity interviews I thoroughly enjoyed (you won't like the second one as much, Mom):



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