Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mini Movie Reviews: Bulk Hit No 41

Haki and I both enjoyed this.  My girls won't be seeing it for a few years...but we found it was a visually stunning retelling that gives some weight to the seemingly arbitrary narrative points in the original tale.
X-Men: Days of Future Past
Loved it.  Iron Man is the only real Marvel franchise I really really like.  I have been briefly entertained by all the others, but nothing more.  But I thoroughly enjoyed the latest X-Men installment.  I'm a sucker for time travel stories.
Thor: The Dark World (2)
Meh.  Case in point, re. Marvel.  So-so.  A weak plot and a disappointing script.  A few stellar moments, but not a stand-out, for me.
Pretty good -- better than I thought it would be -- low expectations can be a good thing. I was guessing the whole way, and that's all I really wanted from it. 
Ruby Sparks
I wish this was better.  It leans towards a B-grade feel instead of an arthouse/alternative one.  There are loads of F-bombs and generous servings of vulgarity.  It also made me all-out uncomfortable a number of times -- which may well have been the objective -- but I wouldn't recommend signing up for witnessing things that feel wrong.  Althoooough...fans of other films with real, flawed and actually quite horrible characters might like this.  I don't mind flawed.  But utterly unlikeable?  Notsomuch.
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
I expected a weak and farfetched film, but wanted to see it anyway.  It was both...but a tiny bit fun, just quietly (I've found all but the first Pirates weak). 
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
Stup'.  It is like this sequel takes everything lame and stupid that I tolerated in the first film and makes that the whole subject of the second.  (NB: I find the first film hilarious.)
I read the books, and I thought this was an okay adaptation of what I had read, but I found it a little uncomfortable to watch in sections.  Not uncomfortable, "this is so wrong," but more, "this isn't coming off..." The score was ill-timed, the dialogue was lack lustre, and both unfortunately interrupted my suspension of disbelief.  And according to Haki, it is hard to believe someone is capable of action/fighting when they haven't mastered running.  The fight scenes weren't great either. Overall: Okay.  I liked seeing the story translated to the screen, but it didn't deliver what I'd hoped. 
Crazy.  Violent.  Great for discussion...but again: crazy.  Awful content.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
I re-viewed this recently, because a loved human sang its praises and I remembered an unmatched, distinct dislike for it; second chance time.  I still don't like it, sadly.  I see the moral there, I really respect the devices used, and even like the overarching concept -- but I don't think they're enough to redeem the film for Winslet's character being so unlikeable, the narrative so peppered with crass, nor me the overall bad taste in my mouth at its close.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

In my 31 years, I had never...

...experienced this, until this week.

This thing I did: It hurt.
A lot.
What was this thing?
I got a splinter under my thumbnail.  
I don't know when or how, but it was there.

And did I mention it hurt?
It did.
And I couldn't get it out.   
The constant pain kinda made me grouchy for a day.
And then it got infected.
And I could see (gross alert) pus growing in a pool beneath my nail.
Then the pressure and throbbing woke me up at night.  (!?)
So I cut and peeled back my nail for almost an hour of whimpering and loud intaking of breath.
At 2am.
I cut it much shorter than any nail should be.  The fingernail doesn't even give at all to allow clippers down and under in that middle zone, did you know?  You have to pry it up with a needle or other thin (sterilised) object.
And that hurts too.
And it bleeds when you remove so much.
And it takes a long time to do precise, fine work on your right hand with your not-preferred hand.
But I got that blinkin' thing.
And the pressure went away.
But my marshmallowey tender undernail flesh was seriously angry to be naked and exposed.
I slapped Bepanthen on it and popped two anti-inflammatories for good measure. 
And then I could sleep.
Within 24 hours, I had my opposable digit back.
And it matters, guys.  Thumbs matter.
Especially on your preferred hand. 

Highlights from the two days preceding Self-surgery by Night:

First attempt at sympathy:
Haki: You're in a weird mood.
Me: Well, I do have this thing going on with my thumb.

Second attempt at sympathy (a long distance call):
Me: I got a splinter under my fingernail.
Erika (my sister): (Sincerely and with passion) Oh no!
Me: And I am telling you because I still remember when you got one.  I remember you carving it out.  I remember you saying, "I don't think anyone understands how traumatic this has been!" And I made a mental note that you were making a fuss and you don't usually do that.  And now I get it.
Erika: It hurts.
Me: So bad.
Erika: I'm sorry.
Me: It is in my thumb.
Erika: Oh no!  You use the thumb for everything.
Me: I know.   And it's my right hand.
Erika: I'm so sorry, Angela.

Surprise sympathy:
Petrol station cashier dude: Oh, did you jam your thumb?
Me: I got a splinter under my nail.
Petrol station cashier dude: That's the worst!  I had a spaghetti noodle go up under my nail really deep and snap in there.  It hurt so bad!
Me:  So bad. (but thinking: "A noodle?  C'mon, buddy -- the pain I'm experiencing, I think there's more than pasta in there. You're talking hard wheat. My splinter is most likely made of adamantium.") 

Fourteenthish attempt at sympathy, from Haki:
Haki: How did your game go?
Me: It was close, but we lost.
Haki: ...
Me: And my thumb is okay.  Thanks for asking.
Haki: ...

Friday, October 17, 2014

Five More Things (So soon? WHY YES!) at 5:00

  1. Apparently there is this new, incredible Flavoured Milk to Rule Them All and people are crazy about it.  Haki has checked two supermarkets with high hopes.  Have you tried it?  Is it worth all this hype?  I've just emailed to ask if they'll tell me how to get some so I can answer that question too.
  2. I recently re-viewed this Morning Through Esky's Eyes video and OH MY, her little voice and her littleness and the bouncing camera.  /Adore.
  3. I could add another line to Tuesday's Graph -- the one where I lamented my eating habits being rather Equine, if they were in a simile.  It would be a steep, upward-trending line representing The Need to Pee, which is Very Frequent, my friends.  Baby was doing me so many favours, with all that nursing, but among them, she was sparing me the mighty inconvenience of excusing myself so often for visits to the water closet.  This, I have not missed.
  4. My dad is one of my biggest fans.  He is also my Chief Editor.  He may be opposed to the willy nilly use of capitals in this post.  He won't say.  But he will speak up if I've ironically promised "Eight Math Matters at 8:00" and then led with a "Five at 5" header at 8:00pm.  She be sloppy.  So er...I culled the original post and forgot to update a few things.  It was late at the time of writing.  I will not blame The Weaning (more caps for emphasis?  Egads), but I will say this again: You survived.  And my reactive tic to having learned of the error is subsiding.
  5. We have a costume party coming up.  On Halloween.  The latter's by the by, but COSTUMES, did you read?  Costumes.  I promise photos.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Five Math Matters at 5:00

  1. I feel a little sorry that our miniature loco driver did not make Straw Fedora 'til I Die a 100% gig.
  2. Occasionally (occasionally), I sell things on TradeMe.  This is after I've established no one I know would benefit from having the thing in question and if I think I spent enough on the item that it is worth the trouble to try and recoup some of the funds to inject back into our (solo income) budget.  So.  When I do this, selling biznessss, I believe in $1 reserves.  Don't we all?  And sometimes, the results speak for themselves -- like the bike I bought for $5 that had two flat tyres, and I sold it for $30...with two flat tyres -- dollar reserve.  And other times, the results speak in another way.  And it's mean.  Like when I sold a bike that usually retails for $199 (with some extra parts, too!) for $3.50 -- $1 reserve.  Cuss.  And /sob
  3. I accidentally started collecting bikes recently.  Ivy needed a pedal bike and I occasionally watch too many auctions on TradeMe.
  4. More on multiplication: We thought it was pretty spesh when we moved away from our free range hen out in the country and into the city to discover a free range bunny.  A month or so ago, we discovered a second bunny.  The two seemed rather fond of each other.  What are the odds of two bunnies roaming free in the middle of town, undaunted by vehicles, predators and grabby kids?  As one might expect this paragraph to end, it ends with babies.  Baby bunnies. Two.  Before you call pest control, know that natural selection has seen to the end of the white bunny (poor, poor camouflage, little one) and the growth of the grey one.  Spotting the rabbits and watching the fluffy drama unfold has delighted our household.  Well, 80% of it, muchly...20 percent have been polite.   I expect another litter before the year's end...and then our neighbour intends to get Fudgehog fixed.  Yes, that is the brown rabbit's name, and that is what the girls cry when they spy her.  Free-range bunnies are to me what midgets are to Adam Sandler.  I sometimes wonder if I'm trippin' to be witnessing this hallmark of happiness.
  5. Now, for a graph relating to Mia, me and breastfeeding:
There is a serious problem emerging in the chartreuse region. /blink blink.  The lime, people, THE LIME!  The cravings aren't the babies, they are mine, and they are not on the decline...eep.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Latest Mercy Book

Night Broken, Patricia Briggs
***I love Mercy Thompson novels.
I love this Mercy Thompson novel (#8).
I love Mercy...
  • A married heroine?  A happily married heroine?  With a step-daughter, even?  And her own business?  And magic?  YES FREAKIN' PLEASE.  When I settle back into a Mercy novel I always feel so happy to have escaped the teens for a while.
  • And yet I don't find Briggs' novels offend my tastes the way adult fantasy novels are prone to do.  
  • Although...there is some sensuality in this novel.  I think it is pretty tasteful (and it's always between a married couple). 
  • The conversations are so well-written.
  • All characters matter.
  • History and research enrich and lend authenticity to the narrative.
  • As usual, the novel is a self-contained story (well, series of inter-woven stories), although there are references to things that have gone before, and I would always recommend reading them from 1-8...because why wouldn't you?  See ***.  I envy you if you have all those to look forward to.  (I thought Books 1 and 2 were good, but I think it was at Book 3 that I knew I was seriously invested in the characters and would read every book Briggs' wrote in this world).
I was sorry when it was over.

For: Fans of Urban Fantasy...at the very least.

One/two-liner summaries of Books 1-7 here.

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