Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Giveaway: Book 3 Winners

Meghan M
 But you already knew that, didn't you?

As always, I feel personally injured when the list of winners is locked in and all of the people I'm rather fond of aren't on the list, but I can do the math.  I just don't like it. 
I am pleased that our winners include someone who hasn't read any of the books yet (with one entry!), someone who read the books very recently and very quickly, a birthday girl, a local, and someone who was entering for someone else (kind!).   

Now you know if you're getting a copy for free or not, you know how many to buy.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dreams of Gods and Monsters Review
Dreams of Gods and Monsters, Laini Taylor
And exhale -- "aaaaaah."
This = most anticipated book of my lifetime.
I've never pined harder.
It did not disappoint.

Ready, aiming, and firing (spoiler-free) bullets atcha:
  • Peop's, you should know: New characters pad out the chapters between those with Karou, Akiva and Co.  I didn't resent the padding; in fact, upon finishing the book I decided these chapters were essential, enriching, and inspired contributions (Laini knows what she's doing, surely we all trust her by this point?).  But when I turned to the start of a new chapter and established I was with others, I would have a small acceptance moment, as though whispering to my Mainies on the page just finished: "Okay, hang in there, I'll be back in a minute, guys."  Also: Delayed grat, it's a good thing.
  • Zuzanna. is. awesome.  Rest assured, rabid fairy fans, there are plenty of Zuze Moments.  If you've enjoyed the books and haven't read the novella yet, you really must.  
  • My heart flat-lined and rez'ed multiple times.
  • I did not predict everything.  
  • The book is so well-thought out!  Questions from all three books are answered. Every character contributes meaning.  Every scene is relevant.  Things that seem unlikely or unresolved are explained.  So. impressed.
  • The resolution is excellent, albeit incredibly short.  You'll see, too -- you're reading, and you look down, and your right hand is holding a very thin remainder of pages, and you're thinking, "HOW!?"  But it will all be okay, she'll do it in those pages, she'll get 'er done!  And you won't feel robbed.  It's a talent.
  • The religious commentary expressed via character sentiment is more explicit...unfortunately.
  • Expletives are limited to blasphemy.
  • Sensuality is kept pretty well in check (there are a few moments, but they're allusions rather than play-by-play).  Thank you!
  • I love so many characters. 
  • I was pleased to see characters changed for the ordeal they've endured; war takes an ugly cost on those involved, and I think the story is more intelligent and poignant for seeing characters pay these dues.
  • So often Laini shows instead of tells us what to think.  It is clever.
  • The twists and turns are gripping.
  • The world-building is so sophisticated (the names work as style sets; the Eretz legends feel authentic; the classes within Elsewhere create depth...).
  • There are some truly memorable scenes begging to be translated for the screen.
  • As always, it is speckled with funny.
Win a copy here or here.
Buy the books here.
Or head to your bookstore...they're appearing...
Own them, one way or another.

Hachette, THANK YOU for sending me a paper portal.  #smitten

Interview of Angela and Laini

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ivy is 3 (video fixed and transcript added)

We celebrated Ivy's third birthday today;
Birthday movie?  I'm so glad you asked (up for a limited time):

It made a wonderful path.
"Thank you!" said the dog.
The wind started to blow (woo), but George didn't mind.
He hopped on, singing to himself,
"My tie is a scarf for a cold giraffe,
My shirt's on a boat as a sail for a goat,
My shoe is a house for a little white mouse,
One of my socks is a bed for a fox,
My belt helped a dog who was crossing a bog,
But my trousers are falling down!
I'm the coldest giant in town!"
Suddenly George felt sad and shivery (shiver) and not at all smart.
He stood on one foot and thought. "I'll have to go back to the shop and buy some more clothes," he decided.
He turned and hopped all the way back to the shop.
But when he got there, it was CLOSED!
"Oh, no!" cried George.  He sank down onto the doorstep and a tear ran down his nose.
He felt as sad as all of the animals he had met on his way home.
Then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a bag with something familiar poking out of the top.  George took a closer look...
"My gown!!" he yelled.  "My dear old gown adn sandals!"
George put them on.  They felt wonderfully comfortable.
"I'm the [cosiest] giant in town!" he cried, and he danced back home along the road.
Outside his front door stood all the animal he had helped.
They were carrying an enormous present.
"Come on, George," they said.  "Open it!"
George untied the ribbon.  Inside was a beautiful gold paper crown and a card.
"Look inside the card, George!" said the animals.
George put the crown on his head and opened the card.
Inside, it said,
Your tie is a scarf for a cold giraffe,
Your shirt's on a boat as a sail for a goat.
Your shoe is a house for a little white mouse.
One of your socks is a bed for a fox.
Your belt helped a dog, who was crossing a bog.
So here is a very fine crown, 
to go with the sandals and gown of the kindest giant in town.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Giveaway: Book 3!

/Singing: "I have some of these to give awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay." 

Want one?  For you, or a friend?
Leave a comment below.
Anyone can enter.
(include an email address if it isn't linked)

Leave an additional comment for every book of Laini's you've already purchased (including as gifts).  E.g. if you bought books one and two and the novella, then you can leave FOUR comments, total (freebie entry + three extra for the three purchases).  If you've already pre-ordered Dreams of Gods and Monsters, that's another entry!

Feel free to buy and then enter. :)


Eeek, can't wait to talk about this s'more!
Somehow missed my raving posts on this matter?  
Interview of Angela and Laini

Be sure to watch my book buddy's space -- she'll have a review, giveaway and FAN ART (!?!?!) going up in the next couple of weeks -- more chances to win and join in celebrating this book's release!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Five Shorties at 5:00

  1. I recently devoured a proof copy of Dreams of  Gods and Monsters.  I am so excited about giving some new copies to you...and sharing my review, come release date (April 8!).  I may already be squealing too much by using the verb "devoured."
  2. I have parsley in my teeth a lot.  It is because I put parsley in the risoni salad that I eat in crazy volumes.  It is a price I'm willing to pay.  Haki: "Just assume you always have parsley in your teeth after you eat the salad."  What I heard: "The salad."  What I thought: "Thee salad indeed.  I think I might have some more salad."
  3. We haven't been getting sick as often as we used to.  It's great.  But we did get sick on the singular weekend celebrating 50 years since our local chapel was built.  A weekend I was to be heavily involved in.  There were a lot of special things planned we missed.  Next time?  (/strained snort) What a pain.
  4. I am following The Block Sky High, online.  I've always wanted to watch one of these series'.  It's safe to say I'm invested.
  5. On TV shows: After Haki and I found out who Red John was, we watched 5 or so more episides, and we are done with The Mentalist now.  The super-predictable one with the Mexican border sealed it.

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