Saturday, April 19, 2008

From the Minds of Babes

Ah, the way we made sense of the world around us as children. I sometimes have a little chuckle to myself to think of some of my early explanations for “the way things were”. I whole-heartedly break into laughter thinking of how my sister, Erika, explained them.

I remember the day Erika decided to explain to me and Mariah how she once thought traffic lights worked. She described how all drivers were given a colour – whether this was a card, or some other form of documentation, she did not say. Our colour…was green. My dear little sibling must have smiled each occasion she was correct, “It’s green, Daddy!” Was she chuffed to show she knew what our assignment was? Some days she must have thought, “Wow, a lot of people have red!” Who knows what she made of yellow?

What I delight in most, was what she must have thought when she was in the cars of friends; “What a coincidence! We’re green too!”

Sadly, some day it must have become clear that red and “stop” were connected for all, that the idiomatic “green light” for a project was universal, and that there were multiple perspectives for those contraptions suspended above an intersection.

How long this was her belief, she did not say. Isn’t it convenient, the day of realising the fiction of one’s childhood rationale is not as clear as the memory of its conception? I know I have conveniently forgotten how long I believed I was a superhero for my ability to cause water to stem in rays from my fingertips in the shower – but how clearly I recall the believing!
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