Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Gift of General Conference

Because these are my “large plates”, I won’t go into great detail about each speaker and his/her impact on me, or the inspiration I received during General Conference (oh, but inspiration was on offer, in generous spoonfuls).

I do, however, want to draw attention to President Monson’s gift to the Priesthood. While I thoroughly enjoyed our new prophet’s liberal anecdotal sprinkling and good humour of the general sessions, I became privy to Intel that for some time, (not too long), led me to feel somewhat gypped. The ear-wiggling is the gift to which I refer. This, the pan ultimate of sights, was added to the momentous canon of “Conference Memoirs” for diligent Priesthood attendees everywhere. And news spread fast.

Instinctively, I initially responded as a consumer – one eager to write and share my keen interest in the same product being on offer for a wider audience. With further thought, I recalled the direct and heartfelt comments of Sunday that served as gifts to women. I then considered how this unusual event sparked a sense of satisfaction in the individuals I had seen and talked with after this session. I liked the smirks they wore. They may deny their expressions warrant such a title, but I found them very smirk-like. And rightly so – these men attended their additional session, and deserved a treat. So often the diligent ones venture out to training sessions and firesides to receive instruction on how to be better in some area or other (which everyone can be to some degree, I’m sure), whilst those who decide not to go, or just find it inconvenient, miss this same instruction. The irony often intrigues me. This year, those that made their way to the session were rewarded, and those that missed it, scrambled to download the session available for the hearing-impaired in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the physical feat…or were none-the-wiser.

So, while I most likely would be found blushing after audibly clapping with glee, should this gift be extended to us all at some future date, I have become less of a disgruntled “consumer”, and more of an appreciative disciple – we got ours, and they deserved theirs.

I’m so glad Haki was there.
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