Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Heart Google

While I believe they are in the best position to take over the world…I also respect the Google guys (as they will always be known to me, thanks to Demetri Martin, The Daily Show).

Their power and affect were epitomised one day last year, by one of my students saying in truth, “I don’t need to know how to spell, Google understands me”. Wow, how our world has changed.

So, perhaps my geekiest post to date, I feel I must pay tribute to this entity, for it gives me so many things for free.

Thank you for:
  • Gmail
  • A smarter search engine
  • YouTube
  • Google Earth
  • Blogger
  • Google Book Search
  • Google Analytics
  • Being a verb
  • Changing your logo on special anniversary days in ways that amuse me.*

*My favourites of these appeared
Anzac Day - March 25, 2008 ;
St Patrick's Day - March 17 2008;
Earth Day - April 22, 2007; and
Edvard Munch's Birthday - December 12, 2006.

Click on my favourites (left) to browse some of the logos of days past and reminisce in similar accord.

Thank you Tanja Gompf, for your logo design (above), you gave voice to things within the inner chambers of my geekiness.
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