Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Why I write here: 
  1. It helps motivate me to keep a record. My husband / sister / mother / friend doesn't routinely inspect my paper journal and ask why I haven't written lately. This is respectful.  But also...one of the reasons why few of my paper journals have writing on more than the first 27 pages. And while I do not write for the checkers (I write for me), the fact that they're checking helps me write.
  2. And it is a classy record. I would not take the time to include a photo or illustration on nearly every entry in a paper diary. I would also not have videos or links to things that inspire me or made me think. Also, printing that many photos would be pricey.
  3. Unless we're hit by worldwide EMPs, it is more likely my children will get to read this (and will be inclined to read this), than a paper journal. Journals burn. Ink washes out. Paper tears. Small things get lost. Blogs live on.  (Please?)
  4. My beliefs are a huge part of why I smile a lot. Sharing a little of what it is to be a Mormon mixed in with the every day is my way of not keeping what makes me so happy a secret - because a) that would be rude, and b) keeping secrets doesn't help our rep, does it? I think it's also a lot easier and less threatening for people to have a nosey into the "religion" topic at their own pace, and with privacy.  If I do anything to help humanise a religion, I'm happy.
  5. Maybe, just maybe, something I write could be useful to someone else. If you can learn how to make killer brownies because of me - awesome. If I can save you the grief of making a mistake by making it for you - great. If you feel a little less alone because you found out I've been in shoes a little like yours - now that's what blog-dreams are made of.
  6. It gives me a voice. A bad day, disastrous spill, failed recipe or rude service-person suddenly becomes fodder - it's easier to recover from a low moment when I've realised I just got some material, and I will get to vent later. More importantly (and more often) , I get to praise a service or person publicly!
  7. It helps me to connect. I’m not saying online relationships should replace real life interactions, but I have better built relationships through blogging that geography would otherwise thwart. With my sisters, for example, when I call them, they’ve already read all my blog posts, so we don’t start at square one in the conversation, I just have to add upon with the sisterly scoop.  Not only does it keep those I already know and love informed, blogging as undeniably helped me know and love more people.
  8. It’s fun to write. I enjoy exercising my language-muscles.
  9. Blogging is hot.
  10. It’s a way to “give back” in return for all the taking I do online. I regularly Google for answers, recipes, tutorials, lessons, images, and stories like mine. I figure if I'm not a contributor, I'm just a silent thief. It would be like me sending my kids to free schools and hospitals without paying taxes. The internet wouldn’t be the vast source of information it is if everyone clung to a "searcher only" attitude.
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