Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Day of Cleaning: A Baptism, a Classroom, and a Semi-bath

Today I went to Landry’s baptism. He is the oldest son in a family that moved into our branch this year (a family I adore!).

Landry’s grandparents flew from the States to be here, and it was really special to see this ex-pat family having such a special experience on the other side of the world, but in the same, “right place”. Landry has been here about just as long as I had been in New Zealand (from the States) when I got baptised. I remember feeling it was a logical, and natural thing to do. I also remember concentrating after I had returned from the font, thinking, “What do I feel? What do I feel?” and then after receiving the Holy Ghost, thinking, “I’ve felt this before!” It was a glowing feeling.

Landry’s grandmother gave a talk about baptism. She used a jar of Vegemite in an object lesson, it was fantastic! She smeared globs of the tar-ish substance on Landry’s face, explaining it represents sins we pick up as we go through life (this reminded me of Punchinello and the Wemmicks a little), and then she held up a towel she had labelled “Baptism”. She used the towel to wipe away each of the marks she had left on his face, and told Landry today, his sins would be wiped away. Never mind that the smear on his left cheek wouldn’t quite budge, the message was true!

It felt so good to be among members who loved this family so much, and to feel the families love and appreciation for this wonderful place.

And on “feeling good”, I am feeling pretty rootin’ tootin’ swell (compared to the last two weeks!). So I will be returning to school next week, and my posts will no doubt take a turn in a new direction, (and most likely slow down a little).

Today I intend to go in and do damage control in the classroom – I am not starting Monday with a potential hazard zone!

Later tonight, I plan to have a bath. What is funny about this, is that we don’t really have a full size bath. Enough said. Nonetheless, I am eager to try out the Marshmallow Bath Bomb my dear sister, Erika, sent me as a pick-me-up. Bless.

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