Sunday, May 25, 2008

Food for Thought

I often stare at a glass of milk and wonder. I wonder about the person who first decided to go and pull on a cow’s udders, and drink it. What was he/she thinking? And what were his/her friends thinking? These musings can keep me occupied for quite some time. Imagine the thought occurring to the milker; “Well, the calves seem to like it, I think I’ll go over there and get myself some.” Fascinating.

Apparently cow’s milk was first used as human food in the Middle East. Thank you, Middle East for supplying us with another fuel and energy source.1

Can I just repeat part of that paragraph? I must attempt to take you through the same mental somersaults I tend to experience when I think on this subject. Cow’s milk; human food…cow’s milk…human food. That was pretty cheeky of us, really. Don’t get me started on the concept of wet nurses.

Another unusual day in human evolution, was the day someone decided we should eat birds’ eggs. It must have gone something like, “I’ll go and get the thing that will one day hatch out another bird, and see what it looks like inside. Ew, it’s all gooey and embryo-like. Maybe it still tastes good.” The experimentation that must have thereafter ensued both disgusts and intrigues me.

The smell and texture of both of these foods take on an entirely new flavour and feel when I fail to dismiss these considerations.

Dismiss I can, and dismiss I will.

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