Saturday, May 31, 2008

Haki and Lolcats

Most respectable grown men have a wedding photo, baby pictures, an overseas adventure, or car displayed on their computer desktop.

Haki regularly posts a lolcat as his wallpaper.

That’s right, a lolcat.

This cat is apparently responsible for starting off the lolcat craze:

I am predisposed to despise said lolcats; they represent many of my pet peeves rolled into one (that pun makes me nauseous, I apologise).

Lolcats are:

  • a manifestation of an obsession with cats / pets (this has always made me uncomfortable…kitty cards, posters and other collectables are NOT my thing);
  • given the title of an online acronym I refuse to use as it makes me GAG (no, I do not mean “get a grip”, I mean GAG – as in, retch or choke); and
  • a forum for the deliberate use of incorrect grammar and spelling (not a playground for those with CNP).

Haki can spend hours scrolling through the latest added lolcats. He laughs out loud (that’s right, I typed it in full) sporadically, and invites me to come and see (most often, fruitlessly).

But something unusual happened late last night.

I found a few of them funny.

That’s right, I’ve been turned. I became a sucker for the rudimentary captions, occasional wit, and large eyes of these cats. I will not be conscribing with the cult-like following anytime soon, but I did chuckle a little to myself. Enough of a chuckle, that I want to share some of those that led me to become a visitor to the dark side.

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