Sunday, May 11, 2008

Losing Streak

I am becoming increasingly concerned that I am growing dumber. I am on the worst losing streak in boardgames…ever.

Last night, instead of going to my classroom, and then having a semi-bath, I went with Haki to Sherry and Eric’s house. There we played Puerto Rico – which yes, we are novices at – but I did not win.

Tonight, we went to Haki’s mother’s house and made her carrot cake and fudge, gave her flowers (Mothers' Day tributes), and played Rummy-O. I did not win.

I can only remember winning one game in the past month, and that was Balderdash, and it was a clear victory…so that gives me some comfort…but not enough. You see, I used to think I wasn’t too bad at board games. But since marrying Haki, and making smart friends, I have learned winning against 12-year-olds at school hasn’t been a fair indication of my intelligence.

When I married Haki, I taught him Acquire – a game that is a monumental tradition in my family. I was pleased when he picked up on it quickly. I was less than pleased when he started to beat me…every game.

Recently, we have learned a number of new games thanks to Eric and Sherry – who kindly brought a range of wonders with them across the Pacific. This is not helping my slump, however. When we learned Ticket to Ride, for example, the game closed, and the veteran pair had more than tripled my score. I accepted this; I was new to the game. But after learning three other new games, and suffering a total of four brutal losses, I began to feel stupid.

In fact, I began to think we were re-invited to their house to bolster their egos.


And again.

I don’t like losing.

Nor being a game puppet.

So we reverted to games I know and love – removing the element of experience, so I stood a chance, and could regain some dignity. We played Settlers, Acquire, and Boggle. I did not win. Granted, I was not the game-teacher, these games were known to all…but I still should have won at least one game.

It’s time to bring out the big guns. I have reserved Pictionary, Cranium, and Clue/Cluedo in the wings. Their time has come. There is still hope.

If, however, I do not win…any….then changes will need to be made. Either we need to make new friends that aren’t so smart, or we need to dumb down our current friends.

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