Friday, May 9, 2008

Mother's Tales and Tactics – The Case of the Missing Scene

My last post led me to this one. The list of shows I “wasn’t allowed to watch” reflects my mom’s interest in monitoring the type of media her children were watching, and I really appreciate that she had values to uphold, and stuck by them.

What the previous list didn’t allow, was room for my mother’s stand on particular films. And again, I admire her acute judgement…but I also find her tactics and comments amusing.

I watched Grease as a kid, like most. The difference is, I thought the movie ended with Sandy still in her A-line pastel skirt and modest blouse. You see, OUR version of Grease did end there. It just cut out, rather abruptly. I would always look quizzically at my mother, wearing an expression that begged her to explain why it would end with so many loose ends. She would console me, “Oh, you didn’t miss much, they just go on to have fond memories of each other, and then it’s the credits.” Meanwhile, the tape continued to play static and display dancing black, grey and white lines. Grease was over.

It wasn’t until I was at a friend’s house, years later, that I saw the very same actors in some sort of carnival scene, and I watched, transfixed – this was NOT the Sandy I knew!

Once it finished, I asked, “What movie was that?” My friends looked at me with their eyes on stalks (thank you Gwen Marshall for that metaphor), and echoed cries of, “What!? You haven’t seen Grease?”

I shook my head, “No, I’ve seen Grease, that was NOT Grease.”

That was the day I learned my mother deliberately stopped recording just before Sandy sold her soul to the devil. My mother didn’t want her three daughters thinking that if you meet a guy you really, really like, and his standards are different than yours, you just change! I am still repulsed by the thought of Sandy in black shiny get-up to this day.

It’s also interesting, that upon viewing as an adult, I see the film is full of so many sexual references that I totally missed as a kid – but what she really wanted to keep from me, was that hideous moral! She knew she couldn’t deny the musical existed, because Grease was the word.

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