Thursday, May 8, 2008

Not aerodynamic, but he pitches it anyway

Once in a while, Haki says something he is pretty much certain I won’t go for, but he says it anyway.

For example, after seeing a movie at the theatre, “Shall we go get a DVD now?”

Or when we need to return a DVD to a store, “Then we’ll have lunch at the bakery next door.”

“Take-out means no dishes.”

Or my favourite, “While you’re up, wanna get me a hot water bottle?” (Please note, in this situation, I do not have to be “up”, I can simply be leaning to pick a book up from beside the bed. I am still in the bed.)

What I absolutely love, is when I just happen to be in the mood for similar spontaneity, or something I deem somewhat “naughty” on some scale…or I’m just feeling generous and charitable (for the latter case). On these occasions, I deliberately do not smile or look at him, I just say, “Okay”.

THEN I look.

Because on his face, is an expression that says, “Really?! I really didn’t think that’d fly!” And it’s like I’ve given him a Christmas present.

I love it.

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