Thursday, May 8, 2008

TV shows I grew up on

For the purpose of this post, “shows” are defined as sitcoms / series that are NOT reality TV, game-shows, documentaries in any form, or the news.

“Grew up on” means watched as a little 'un and on into early teenage years. For the final years of high school I didn’t watch TV much. In fact, one entire senior year, I didn’ all…not once – my Dad paid me 500 bucks not to (it was a “challenge” he had for us crazy kids). So my “growing years” are to be read as from around 4 years old to 15 years old or so. I think I was also literally done growing at this point (“growing up” being distinctively different to growing in height).

I grew up on:

Sesame Street – bless that number song.
Road Runner – not a fan of Bugs, but really loved Wiley.
Gargoyles – soooo good, we would rush home from swimming at the river to see this.
Pinky and the Brain – it amused me, the sidekick humour was good.
Jem – I still think of her when people wear star earrings.
Hogan’s Heroes – more for the angry Germans than the “heroes”.
Happy Days – how could you not?
I Love Genie – every child’s dream.
The Cosby Show – worth it every time that man would dance.
The Wonder Years – my mom liked this, and I grew to too.
Captain Planet – before it’s time? Maybe!
Get Smart – irresistible slapstick.
Remington Steele – I liked him before he went mainstream…now, not so much.
Quantum Leap – so…addictive. The three-part murder episode was amazing.
Babylon Five – recorded every episode in fact.
Star Trek: The Next Generation – I have loved this faithfully since I was a babe.
Step By Step – did I relate to them as a young teen? I don’t know!
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – even if only to rap along to the opening sequence.
The Nanny – maybe if I watched one more, they’d get together.

I would sometimes watch (to keep the peace):

Duck Tales – the theme song annoyed me…also, swimming in coins would hurt.
M.A.S.H. – I just didn’t get it…too young? It wasn’t me…at…all.
Full House – because Jesse was “cute”.
Touched by an Angel – my parents are big softies.
Samurai Pizza Cats – and this was about all the poorly-dubbed anime I could tolerate.
The Jetsons – this was not science fiction, it mocked it.
Tiny Toon Adventures – the tune was catchy.
Rugrats – despite people sometimes calling me “Angelica”, to my chagrin.

And I never watched:

South Parkvulgar.
Pokemon – wrong in every way; it vexes me.
Futurama – another insult to my favourite genre.
Cheers – they don’t know my name, I flip channels and run like the wind!
Transformers – the remake movie amused me…the cartoon did not.
Seinfield – I hate George.

I wasn’t allowed to watch (bless my mother’s heart):

The Simpsons – Bart is a bad example, as are his parents.
Soap Operas – pure evil.
Roseanne – or maybe I just didn’t want to?
Married with Children – that is not what family life is meant to be like.
Friends – “That show is all about sex.”

And how have these choices shaped me?

Well, now I rent (as I do not watch TV “live” anymore):

Alias - she's a spy!
24 -
he's a spy!
Lost -
they're being spied on!
Jericho -
it makes me think...about real-life scenarios.

Heroes -
my genre.
4400 -
my genre.
Gilmore Girls -
irresistably witty...also, I want to live in Stars Hollow.
The Unit -
intelligent, less one-dimensional for potentially-nauseauting material.
House -
for the cases, and for the man.

Sometimes I watch Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives…and Friends (sorry Mom!), but they’re not list-worthy, as I’m a little ashamed of it.

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