Friday, May 30, 2008

Wacky Hair Day

Today at school we had “Wacky Hair Day” to raise awareness and money about and for autism and The Otago Autism Support Group. Students came wearing temporary Mohawks, green streaks, afro wigs, mullets, glitter, flowers, pegs, pencils…and all sorts of paraphernalia and haberdashery. And so did the teachers. I went with Princess Leia buns.

My class was responsible for this week’s assembly, and so autism awareness and wacky hair were our focus. The nominated speakers explained autism, and then we shared a slideshow of wacky hair images the students and I had collected (some of the best coming from this blog). Finally, we ran a competition between all ten classes for the wackiest hair in school (each class sent their best to the stage), judged by a local hairdresser a student had arranged (who generously gave a prize too).

If it weren’t ethically and legally wrong in every way I’d post loads of photos of the students and “dos” so you could see how truly magnificent it all was to behold…but ethics and laws are important to me. So, you’ll have to settle for a picture of my wannabe Leia buns, taken by a student assigned to be photographer for the day – thus it is a tad blurry. Excellent.

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