Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I am Dunedin

This week at school we have what is called "Electives". This is a special week (which we have twice a year) in which students choose (or elect, if you will) to participate in a niche interest activity. Example electives this round include photography, "Fun and Fitness", mountain-biking, candlestick-making, and "Fashion".

Last year I took electives titled "Film 101" and "The Read and Write Retreat" (both crazy-fun). This year my first elective is titled "I am Dunedin". Intrigued? You should be.

I have 15 students from years 7 and 8 (who made the cut) with me for a week of exploring Dunedin and some of what our amazing city has to offer. We are playing tourist in our very own city, and loving it. You now know why I am pictured (above) on the steps of Larnarch Castle (that's right, a CASTLE - argh!).

We regularly project our many photos of our excursions on the whiteboard, select our favourites, and then blog about it, because blogging is one of the many things wise tourists do!
I could faithfully copy, paste and upload all of the juicy wonderfun of that blog here, to save you a single click, but instead, I'll invite you to click, because you really should experience the plural personal pronouns and Otago colours of the posts. So, make it click!

Our basic itinerary:
We are only half-way through this wonderful week, and I already feel overwhelmed with appreciation for my city. I mean, I've always loved Dunedin, but this week has truly refreshed my affection for this place. Some icy mornings, driving through burnt couches, it's not so easy to feel proud, let alone affectionate. But we're more than a University, we are Dunedin! Argh!
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