Saturday, July 5, 2008

7 pages from my quirk-catalogue

Dear Heather wrote a post on her 7 quirks that I enjoyed so much I can’t ignore her invitation to do the same.

The issue here is what to choose from the array of options before me – I am after all, quirk-central. (Many of these resulting from my CNP.)

So, here they are, a selection of my quirks…

  1. Whenever I am asked to choose a nick, username or handle online, “Maverick” always springs to mind first.
  2. I draw invisible pictures of public speakers on my thigh with my fingers, first outlining their main features, and then shading in detail.
  3. If I have been typing for a while, I press on the tops of all my fingernails to “undo” all of the pressing that has been happening in the opposite direction. It’s fastest to do this by getting all of the fingers to press out against your thumbs (across them, at right angles), and then the thumbs hooked under your pointers pushing out.
  4. I keep a file on my laptop desktop called, “Films that had lying ratings” and dutifully add to it each time something I don’t like surprises me in a movie (that isn’t listed on its review label). This documentation is an effort to create a power-house letter to The Office of Film and Literature Classification.
  5. As a rule, I only eat my favourites of many things. If someone offers me lollies, I decline unless they are indeed offering me my favourite types of lollies. Similarly, I will not eat potato chips, cookies, baking or chocolate unless it is my favourite of that type of thing. I will not drink fruit juice, fizzy drink, or flavoured milk unless I really like it. I decided some time back that if I’m not going to really enjoy it, why would I say “yes”, or buy it? I’m not going to eat something that’s bad for me and “sort of” like it. This may make me sound picky, but really, this has to do with the “sometimes foods”, not what you put before me for dinner. Also, it’s not that I hate all of these foods, I just don’t love them. And for all that sugar, fat, and colouring AND the expense, I need to love it. Also, if YOU love it, why rob you of that extra bite/piece/glass so I can “sort of” like it?
  6. I take a paper towel or wad of toilet paper with me on the way out of public toilets so I can use it in place of gloves to open the doors en route, and then bin it. I frown upon every establishment that has “lean and push” metal plates to get IN, and “pull” to get out. Bad design.
  7. I run up stairs. No matter the location, level of weariness, or temperature…I run. Stairs are fun if you run. Walk and they’re a chore. Unless you’re talking, then you can walk. Unless you’re in heels, then you can walk. Unless there are lots of people watching you at a graduation ceremony, then you can walk.
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