Thursday, July 17, 2008

Snapshots of Wellington

I chortled to observe my brothers-in-law zealously purchasing Snickers and Mars bar wrappers in the hopes of winning additional Snickers and Mars bars.

I winced and smiled politely to have my nephew, Austin, wee on my lap. Twice. In one day. I was in my Sunday best.

He’s still cute. Possibly cuter.

I marveled at what amazing mothers my sisters are to their boys – seeing these toddlers sign they want “more” or “help” instead of screaming for attention is very impressive.

Or just patiently waiting.

I delighted in a Sunday school lesson in which the teacher said, “You can look this talk up if you have an internet…” and then giggled to herself.

Nostalgia dripped off of me as I longed for proximity to my sisters when Mariah told me the kinds of stories you only tell when you have the time. (E.g. A story of a friend who kept her afterbirth in her freezer with the intention of burying it, and kept it there for yonks – removing it regularly to look for something to make for dinner, saying, “What this?” and then, “Oh, that’s the afterbirth”.)

I experienced a party inside to attend seminars and interviews relating to international schools and future adventures.

I felt very patriotic when I discussed American politics with my ex-pat parents in a Denny’s booth over a shared plate of deep-fried goods.

I rode the train back from seeing a dear friend and longed for better public transport without having to have Porirua come with it.

And I felt very much a big sister when I wiped a sliver of moisturiser from Erika’s nose and she just kept right on talking.

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