Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mini Movie Reviews: Bulk Hit No 3

The Dark Knight

My opinion on this film has been solicited at least thrice daily since its release, and I always hesitate to share it – I know what big fans you all are. I looked forward to this movie, and went with Haki as soon as I got back from The Room 1 Adventure. Haki went to see it a second time; I did not. I appreciate the acting was magnificent, the questions asked were worth asking, and the cinematography was ferociously dark to match its title. I did not appreciate feeling I had entered a world to leave feeling a little bit worse for wear. It all comes down to what you want a film to deliver, and for me, the latest instalment forgoes thriller’s harbour, and dives deep into the depths of the horror genre – thus my selection and citation of this particular marketing angle (above). I like the harbour.

P.S. I Love You

I saw this with my mother-in-law in cinema, and recently rented it to re-watch with Haki – who enjoyed it, I must add. In fact, he brought it up the next day, saying, “That was a nice movie, wasn’t it?” For me, that lingering affection for a film (especially by my Terminator 2-fan husband), is a great indication of its success with me. This film is a lingerer. Further, it is a film about love in marriage, not out of it, and there are just not enough of those. I was also delighted to learn Cecelia Ahern is close to my age (although I gave up after the first chapter of the novel, finding it a little too coarse for my taste).

The Zookeeper (el Protector)

My friend, Steph, (the carrot and dip impression-maker), smacked this DVD in my hands after she rented it for the second time this week, ““Watch it; return it by Sunday”. Watch it I did – last night. It is heart-wrenching. I would only recommend it to those interested in the Bosnian War and Sam Neill playing a gruff character.


I piloted this film as a study text with my latest Media Studies gaggle of students. It went down a treat (with all but the animal-lover, who covered her eyes and ears repeatedly). Haki and I saw this on its first or second night, and re-viewed it again this week (having the DVD out already for school). I love it. I love the saturation of the theme “people are not always as they seem”, the dramaturgy, the rich hues of colour, the score, and above all, the cast. Robert De Niro is priceless, Ricky Gervais is rewind-worthy, Michelle Pfeiffer terrifically terrifying, and Charlie Cox is a perfect fit. I don’t care what you say Haki, Claire Danes is beautiful (See Item 5 on Haki’s list of H-things).

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