Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday is a special day, it’s try-bending-the-time-continuum-day

I like lists. I like lists in Excel, lists saved as Outlook tasks, lists on A3 sheets of paper with colour-coded headings in highlighter, lists in notebooks, lists in emails sent from school to home, lists on napkins, and lists made in my mind while driving that I must then create acronyms to match so that I can recall the list later.

My ultimate and obvious list is my “TO DO” one (isn’t everybody’s?). It’s tagged with categories, due dates, and levels of priority – so that I can sort by whichever I choose (isn’t everybody’s?). I also like sorting. (sigh… “sorting”).

A small selection of the other lists I’m currently keeping (their titles appear verbatim):

  • Films that had lying ratings;
  • Baby names (no, we are NOT making an announcement, I’ve kept this since I was…two?);
  • Books to read (growing faster than I can keep up, often thanks to Janssen);
  • Movies to see;
  • Christmas and other gifts list (you mention it, I make a note of it);
  • Games wish-list;
  • Novel and film ideas (I’m an optimist, you know);
  • My spelling list (every time I hit a word that I freeze on, I add it to this list to study. One such word is “auxiliary”);
  • Restaurants to try;
  • Rubbish days (where and when collections are in the city…in case the rubbish doesn’t make it out in time on our day);
  • Remember as a parent (I copy and paste talks here, advice to myself each time I’m baffled by my students’ parents…and just things I want to remember to tell my kids some day);
  • Things to put in the next Relief Society newsletter;
  • Changes to make to the Visiting Teaching list (What’s that, you say? Want to know more?); and
  • Next time we move I must remember to change our address with… (we have moved 3 times since we got married, and nothing distresses someone with CNP more than thinking there may be some company that is still sending mail to a previous address).

In addition to these wonders, I always have a sub-list of the giant “TO DO list” – the “DO TODAY list”.

Saturdays I attempt to bend time by creating a “DO TODAY list” of gargantuan proportions. Perhaps you’ll scoff, for your lists make mine look like David, but when I finish writing my bullet points, and then numbering the order I’ll tackle them in (this process comes second – doesn’t it for everybody?), I purse my lips and let out a little “humph” – as I know, as Poppinesque as I might sometimes feel, I’ll need more than a magic whistle AND a spoonful of sugar to complete the tasks I’ve set.

For example…

  • In addition to the things I MUST do today (such as the depositing of cheques, picking up of prescriptions, returning of goods, purchasing of gifts, updating of vehicle registrations, returning of DVDs, cleaning of things, preparing for church, and ah, getting out of pyjamas).
  • There are many things I WANT to do today (such as the reading of another chapter in Legend, watching of Ghost Whisperer, practising of the piano, planning of the school-week in more detail, scouring of op-shops, playing of my turns in my multiple Scrabulous games, mending of pants, and the the semi-bathing in marshmallows – you may recall I WANTED to do back in May, but you know what? That was a Saturday…).
  • And then there are the things I WILL do today…that were never on the list (such as the sitting in front of the heater thinking about moving, the reading of blogs, the writing of blogs, and the returning to the DVD shop to collect the DVD I have in fact returned to the wrong DVD shop…a curse of belonging to eight of them methinks).

Saturday sure is…special.

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