Friday, August 22, 2008

Subtext at the Dentist

Yesterday I went to the dentist for the first time in 6 years. That’s right, six years. Hush your boos and hisses. I’m still playing the “youth card”, okay?

Yesterday I got my first filling. That’s right, I hadn’t had a single filling in my 25 years. Hush your, “That’s what you get for not going for 6 years’” – I know, I know.

I was satisfied to find the dentist broke with stereotypes to be friendly, empathetic, and…a New Zealander – of all things.

I also appreciated that my dear dentist understood my coded messages; when I winced and confessed, “Don’t hate me, but I haven’t been here for a long time”, I’m sure he knew this meant, “I don’t like dentists, please don’t hurt me”.

And when I mentioned, “I’m a teacher”, he knew to read, “If you mutilate me I will fill young minds with corroborating reports to match every urban legend ever circulated about you and your kind”.

*Scratching head* Now to get Haki to go; he hasn’t been for EIGHT years.

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