Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Things with the Wings

The sun barely did shine.
It was too wet to play.
So four ladies went to the museum
On cold, cold, wet today.

I drove there with Sherry,
We drove there, we two.
And I said, "How I look forward
To this visit with you!"

Alison and Marsa
Inside did wait,
But they did not think
The wait was too great.

Up the stairs together
The four did go
To see moths and butterflies
Put on a show.

But first, past some things,
Some wonderful things
Almost as fun
as the things with the wings.

And then
Something went BUMP!
How that bump made us jump!

We looked!
Then we saw her, step on the keys!
We looked!
And we saw her!
The chance to play with her feet Sherry did seize!

We knew it was wet
And the sun was not sunny.
But we did have
Lots of good fun that was funny.

From there to here,
and here to there,
funny things were everywhere.

But onto the things with wings -
The butterfly show -
Onto to see more things
We four did go.

We saw something new.
Two things. We'll call them
Thing One and Thing Two
It is a very special thing these two things did do.

They are tame! Oh, so tame!
They were there to play!
They can give you some fun
If you wait patiently today.

If you can wait
And not pursue
These winged things
Just might land on you!

And would we succeed?
Yes indeed, yes indeed!
Ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed!

One of the four
Was not so sure
In the guarantee
She was not secure.

She fretted,
She waited,
She wished she'd dressed bright.
She hoped
One winged thing
Might on her alight.

Sherry decided to
And she did not like it.
Not one bit.

But one boy said, "No! No!
Let me go away
With those winged things
I don't want to play!"

The winged things must've
Thought this boy grand
For on his shoulders,
hands and arms they did land.

The boy cried and cried,
The boy dressed in red,
As the butterflies did even
Land on his head.

"Let me go!" said the boy.
"No fun this brings!
Let me go!" said the boy.
"I do NOT like things with wings!"

Meanwhile Sherry
She waited and waited
And wait she must
The warning signs stated.

If only she could
Reach out and touch
Those winged things she wished to
Touch so much.

Sherry changed tack
She had a plan
She pulled up her hood
And more waiting began.

"I can get them I bet
If I do not fret.
With my hood up,
These things will land on me yet!"

And what do you know?
She had one! At last!
The winged thing she'd longed for
As much time had passed.

After all of the waiting
And all of the while
Sherry was happy
And so she did smile.

"Look at me!
Look at me now!" said Alison
"With a winged Thing in my hair
It is even more fun.

So Sherry hoped harder
As hard as she could
That one winged thing
Would do better than her hood!

And in answer to
Her silent prayer
A winged thing alighted
In Sherry's hair.

The museum keeps some of the things
In a box where we did look,
The things crawl from cocoons
But one winged thing was crook.

The four then were sad
To see one thing's wings askew
As it crawled from its cocoon
The four begged for its rescue.

And rescue there was
And the heroine was well-met
By an onlooking crowd who wanted
To see the new wings, wet.

With the crook winged thing rescued
And Sherry waiting no more
It was time for the troupe
To make way for the door.

But one last fun thing
Angela spied to do
It was a barred wall
Of giant bamboo -
Which she felt the girls
Simply must climb through!

Onlooking visitors
Were not impressed.
But each girl squirmed through the wall;
Alison squirmed the best.

Then we said, "That is that."
With Marsa long-gone
It was time the group
Was fully withdrawn.

But one last funny thing
Of amusing design,
It was the word "heaps"
On the museum's sign.

Today was good.
Today was fun.
Tomorrow is another one.
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