Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Treasure Hunt for “Haki” (with exaggerated finger quotes)

Today Haki woke to find this picture stuck to the wall beside him.

At first he thought it was a picture of a tree - apparently some rare fuzzy red tree from Africa. Then he realised it was a present, after I said, “It’s a present”. Then I nudged, “You have to figure out where it is”.

He did.

Upon opening the piano, he found the gift, at which point I clapped and repeated, “Unwrap it”.

He did.

And thereby revealed two books. Thanks Dad, for helping with Project:Ordering-the-next-books-in-the-series'-for-Haki-without-him-knowing (catchy title, I know).

Haki commented, “Wow, I really like this cover” (referring to Feist’s). I beamed.

Stuck inside the piano was another picture.

Haki said, “I don’t know where the tennis bag is”. He searched the office, scanned the bedroom (checking behind doors), peered in nooks in the kitchen (to amuse me), and then found it in the lounge.

He opened this one without encouragement to reveal a new wallet.

This is Haki’s old wallet:

There was another picture stuck on the wall behind the tennis bag (I had to point out, Haki was too busy flipping through the wallet and being wowed by it being in one piece 'n' all).

“Do you know where that is?” I teased.

Haki scuttled to the bathroom and pulled back the curtain to reveal the final prize.

Haki’s old feather-down jacket is moulting feathers to a such a degree that people (people like Sherry) ask why we have been killing birds in our car.

Putting the jacket on, grinning, Haki then asked the inevitable, deflating question: “Where’s the next picture?”

Upon being informed that was the last, with a pout, Haki made another suggestion; “Can we go back to sleep now?”

Hmmmm, when I said, “Today Haki woke to find this picture stuck to the wall beside him,” perhaps I should have said, “Today when Haki was forced to wake…”


I entered the bedroom and retrieved the jacket, toting the camera.

“You blogging, honey?”

“Yes, how did you know?”

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