Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rationalisation to Self

Dear Self,

You deserve a break. Just a short one.

In fact, you deserve a moment or two browsing the op shop, yonder.

You were very good to Haki on his birthday.

You should buy something - Haki will understand wanting to buy one nice thing to treat yourself - best make it a wonderful thing though.

You seem to have come on a great day to find something wonderful, with so many options you are sure to have a winner in the stacks upon your achey arms.

You might as well try each thing on, after all, there are no other customers.

Now that, looks good on you. I think that is definitely the one wonderful thing.

You're worth it in a way L'Oreal will never understand.

Actually, maybe that is your winner. Hang that on the "maybe" side.

You are good at finding winners.

10 is too many.

You are so sensible and generous and loving and self-sacrificing to buy only 5 wonderful things.

Haki will be so proud of you.

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