Monday, September 22, 2008

Update on Crafty Kim

Things I have established since my last post:
  • My neighbours aren't really home much.
  • My mother-in-law is willing to knock doors with me if it means apprehending a crafty minx.
  • There is an un-fixed tomcat on our street, and contrary to what I initially believed (before canvassing Suchandsuch St), our lawn is not his only conjugal visit venue.
  • No one in my neighbours' house is called "Kim".
  • My neighbours recall having seen a parcel, or the remains of one, out on the street a "couple of weeks ago"; the plastic was yellow and red. (I found this after much probing, and playing of the, "I am here because I want your help" card.)
  • Red and yellow are the colours of New Zealand Couriers - I now know who to call should I feel playing "Camila" becomes necessary.
  • I also now know who not to call should I need a courier.
  • My neighbours appeared to be kind humans.
  • My neighbours are so kind, in fact, that they are calling "their people" - who were visiting at the time of the parcel's disappearance - to establish whether any more information is available relating to the yellow and red plastic's sighting.
  • The courier company picked up our "prize pack" from Cam's office today; expected date of delivery at my house - tomorrow.
  • Haki does not consider taking an entire day off of work to wait for a parcel and/or Kim's reappearance "sensible".
  • Haki is, however, willing to start work later if it means making his wife happy. Bless him.
  • Haki does not feel a security camera is necessary.
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