Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Game We Played...and Played

Haki and I occasionally play a name-game where each player takes turns naming a person or character by their first and last name, e.g. "George Washington". The next player's person or character must have a first name that begins with the first letter of the last name of the previous person's person. I could have re-phrased that, but then you wouldn't have read it twice, now would you? Many of you have played this game, I'm sure, but those who have not, it's easiest to make sense of it if you see a series of names in a list;

Albert Einstein, Elmer Fudd, Frank Sinatra, Susan Sarandon, Shirley Temple...etc etc

Haki and I made the foolish mistake of leaving our most recent game playing field wide, wiiiiide open - without a category. The wise man built his house upon the rock, AND chose a category, like, "Movie Stars", "Historical Figures" or "Politicians"...so someone can actually win. OR you can be like the foolish man, and play for almost 2 hours...at which point someone demands the other is a loser and that person accepts it, because it's easier than playing a single further turn.

To spice the game up, Haki and I have a rule that if you use a name with the first and last names having the same first letter (such as Susan Sarandon), you have to move your head in a double-take fashion to a) represent your double-whammy (and that you are handing / passing the same letter back / on and b) you are awesome. Clearly. What else does a mandatory head jerk in a time-filler game say? I love that we played this game with Erika (my little sister) once, and she conformed to this rule.

Now I come to the crux of this post. In playing this name-game recently, we discovered Haki and I do not share the same knowledge-pool of names. OR we do not trust each other when it comes to playing games. Either way, regularly Haki would cry, "Come on, you can't just make people up!" or "Good one, try again". I, in turn, would say, "Who's that? Never heard of him. Pick someone real". As this issue persisted, I of course kept a list, so that later I could prove myself. Haki insisted I also keep a list of his. Pah.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is the feast I wish to share with you this day. Please note, our only criteria was that the name could belong to a real or imagined character, so long as it was "famous" (clarified later as, "known to millions").

Names Haki "has never heard" and therefore, I, Angela, made up:

William Tell
(click on images to read about named person/character...if you also wish to learn...with Haki!)

Samuel Beckett (take your pick!)

P.S. We have Waiting for Godot, in all its existential blahness, on our bookshelf. In our house. the house we played the name-game in.

P.S. I know my Quantum Leap. How could Haki forget Dr Sam Beckett's name?

Morticia Adams

(Is there not an entire Halloween dress-line dedicated to her fame?)

Shirley Bassey

(Haki: "Yeah right, honey." Me: "No really, she's real." Haki: "What does she do?" Me: "She's a singer, from way back in the days. Honest." Haki: "Add it to your list."

And here's the kicker; according to Haki, there is no...

Jiminy Cricket!

(I even sang "When You Wish Upon a Star" to Haki. He was not impressed. In fact, he cut me off, and insisted that no such cricket existed, that the fairy godmother in Cinderella sang the song which I had merrily rehearsed for him. Then I got worked up, and went on to explain the fairy godmother sings "Bippity Boppity Boo!". Haki vehemently declared there was also a "wish song", and thinking for a moment, I started singing, "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes", insisting Cinderella herself sings this one. Don't mess with me and my Disney. I then concluded Haki must never have seen Pinocchio, and converted my anger to pity.)

Names I, Angela, called into question, and suspected Haki conjured:

Larry Hughes

(Okay, you got me honey, I do not memorise all of the NBA players' names to impress my friends. That's 5-1, dear sir).

The Honky Tonk Man

(Again, it seems I'm rote-learning all the wrong things! What have I been wasting my time with? Times tables, physics formulae, trig terms...I've left no room for WWF names. I'll give you this one honey, even though I really think you're grappling for straws when I say, "I'm sorry, I don't accept names that have 'The' at the beginning" and you reply, "Your turn, last name = Man". I lead 5-2.)

Frances Bidois

Please Note:
There is no picture, because I cannot find the man...the man Haki insisted was a "French opera guy". When he saw me write the name down, his lip-corners tightened as he said, "I have no idea how it's spelled". I'm sorry Haki, there is no Frances Bidois, Frances Bidoit, Frances Bidout, Frances Biduout, Frances Bidwa, Frances Bidois, or any variation of the way you said your French-sounding (cough: fictional) opera man. Maybe he's just not famous enough for Google to have heard of him?

William Buckingham

Again, I'm sorry, I cannot furnish you with an image of this fellow either. Despite Haki's condescension; "Don't you know, honey? Buckingham Palace is named after William Buckingham!" I felt sheepish only briefly. Buckingham Palace was built for the Duke of Buckingham and Normanby, John Sheffield. Although I am sure there are many "William Buckinghams" and "William Whatevers", this ever-so-famous one to which Haki refers, again, does not exist.

For the record, Haki was the one who claimed victory in this game, and I quit fighting for that (clearly) illustrious win. I think we all know who won here.

William Buckingham.../scoff.
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