Friday, October 10, 2008

The Games We Played

(some of these you may have played with different names)

Blinky Winky

Player/s: 1
Equipment Needed: 1 object, preferably a blanket, pulled close to line of sight. Best played in bed in the morning.

  1. Close one eye and note the location of the chosen object.
  2. Switch, closing the alternate eye, and watch the object move.
  3. Repeat steps 1 - 2.
  4. The game ends when... you are reminded of the impending school bus' arrival / to brush your teeth / to turn out the light / to set the table.
I played this game this morning with a triangular fold of duvet.

Water Power

Player/s: 1-3
Equipment Needed: 1 shower, swimsuits/togs for each player if 2-3 are playing (to keep things decent).

  1. On your turn, stand underneath the showerhead so that water runs down your arms.
  2. Raise your arms slightly and sing the Captain Planet theme song as water shoots in streams from your fingertips (like rays of light, akin to those in the Beauty and the Beast "transformation" scene).
  3. If there are other players, take turns underneath the showerhead; Captain Planet is an equal opportunity power-giver.
  4. The game goes best when other players are commended for their skill in creating long and good-looking water rays.
  5. The game ends when... the water goes cold / mother tells you you're using too much water.
Yoooour house, yoooour house, MY house!

Player/s: 2-3
Equipment Needed: Car with windows + long car ride, lifestyle farming areas are best for this game because there are good reaction times between houses.

  1. Point to each house and say a player's name. I.e. "Angelaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Erikaaaaaaaaa, Mariaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" repeated over and over. This means it is the house you will get when you grow up.
  2. Drag out the final syllable of each name for effect...and also to fill in drive-time until the next house is in sight.
  3. Use short, sharp names when a house is very drab or very pretty, i.e. "Erika!" without all the "aaaaaaaaa".
  4. The game ends when... you arrive at your destination / you fall asleep / you drive into a commerical or industrial area.
Schools a.k.a. I am teacher, hear me roar

Player/s: 3
Equipment Needed: Blanket, trestle blackboard, chair, a bell, something to point with.

  1. Spread blanket out on the lawn.
  2. Drag trestle blackboard and chair out to sit on the blanket's edge.
  3. Inform other players that when you ring the bell, they are to come, "'Kay guys?"
  4. Summon pupils by ringing bell and invite to sit down on blanket.
  5. Point to blackboard with pointy thing and talk. Talk. Talk.
  6. The game ends when... a pupil needs to go the bathroom and doesn't come back / the "cafeteria" serves up dinner / the teacher receives a phone call from a friend.
Shops a.k.a. I am a capitalist, no refunds

Player/s: 3
Equipment Needed: Upside-down boxes, unwanted goods from bedroom, Monopoly money, price labels.

  1. Place box upside-down at doorway to your bedroom. If you are Erika or Mariah (who shared a room), negotiate who is going to set up shop elsewhere.
  2. Load upside-down box with unwanted goods from your bedroom. Ensure they are displayed in an attractive manner.
  3. Distribute equal amounts of Monopoly money amongst all players.
  4. Price goods.
  5. Leader announces "Shops" is starting, and all players take turns going to each other's stalls to purchase items.
  6. Goods may be marked down upon identifying disinterest.
  7. Names enscribed inside books and on doll tags may be crossed out and new names written as formal transferral of ownership.
  8. There will be no refunds.
  9. The game ends when... one shopkeeper cries because she does not like the "no refunds" policy / parents intervene because younger shopkeepers have crazy-low prices while older shopkeepers' prices are very lucrative / one shopkeeper is out of money / one or more shopkeepers have retreated to their room to find places for their new things to be kept.

The Gauntlet

Player/s: 2-3
Equipment Needed: River, swimsuits, towels.

  1. Walk down precarious "path" to favourite swimming hole.
  2. Do not check for logs or debris. Dive in.
  3. Make your way to the end of the "gauntlet" - the entry point up-river of a deep canal hugging the rock-face running for 10-15 metres before shallowing out. We learned the word "gauntlet" from watching Gladiators like Vulcan run through "the gauntlet" on TV.
  4. Dolphin dive for entry and keep eyes open.
  5. Allow the current and occasional kicks to propel you down-river until your belly scrapes the pebble bottom.
  6. Pull your head up. Comment on how clear the water is and how magnified the pebbles are.
  7. Drag your legs against the current back to the entry point and watch other players make their way down.
  8. Listen to their comments and nod your head and say "I know!"
  9. Repeat steps 1-8.
  10. The game ends when... one player starts shivering / it gets hard to see because it's getting dark / someone checks her watch and realises Gargoyles is on / one player decides it's time to play "How deep can you go holding a big rock?" or "Let's see if there really is a better swimming hole than our swimming hole".
Morepork (like "Chicken", only with an owl)

Player/s: 2-3
Equipment Needed: Giant Weeping Willow tree, Owl.

  1. Climb the giant Weeping Willow tree.
  2. Wait for all players to reach the same point - facing the tree's hollow.
  3. Take turns nudging each other to be the one to look into the hollow.
  4. If chosen, place your face into the hollow, right in (or else you can't see).
  5. Spy the nesting owl's glowing eyes in the dark. Hold your head in the hollow for as long as you can looking at the owl's eyes.
  6. Quickly pull your head out of the hole and then screech.
  7. The game ends when... all players clamber down the tree squealing in utter fear (although they will speak of their "close encounter" for hours, egging eachother on with questions, "But how big were it's eyes?" and "Did it move?" and responses such as "So big" and "I was so scared".
Wake the Monster

Player/s: 4
Equipment Needed: One big brother babysitter, all the pillows, couch cushions and blankets in the entire house.
  1. Beg the big brother to play "Wake the Monster".
  2. Lay 3 large, square cushions for the monster's bed on the floor.
  3. Be giddy with excitement.
  4. Point at the bed.
  5. The big brother lies down on the 3 cushions, face down.
  6. Pile all remaining pillows, couch cushions and blankets on top of the now monster.
  7. Approach the sleeping monster pile. If you're daring, punch the pillows and wait, for the more timid, nudge them with your toe and run.
  8. The monster thrusts a searching hand out through pillow gaps, attemping to seize a skinny little players leg or arm.
  9. Squeal everytime you approach the sleeping monster or a monster hand appears.
  10. Repeat steps 7-9
  11. The game ends when... Mom and Dad come home. Brandon was very patient...and good at breathing in a confined space.
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