Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mini Movie Reviews: Bulk Hit No 4

Magnificent. I took my Film Club students to see this last night, and I was awe-struck. It was incredible from beginning to end, and so refreshing to be captivated by this type of subject matter. I loved Patrick Stewart as narrator, I was impressed with the soundtrack, and the cinematography combined with these made for surprising levels of suspense and emotion. Wow. Also, each and every little 11/12-year-old left gob-smacked too - which I think is a credit to the film. We all loved it. This is my must-see recommendation for 2008.

I was nervous about this one. I wanted it to be good, desperately. I thought the premise could easily lead me down B-grade alleys I regretted visiting. Oh contraire! I enjoyed this film's delicious colour pallette, charismatic cast, and ambiguous time setting - these alone, made it loverrrly to watch. But further, I found the script intelligent, and that the modern fairytale with a good dash of humour proved a winning combination. A clean alternative to most romantic movies on offer this year.

Eagle Eye
Entertaining. Not much more, nothing less. I had a few, "This is like Suchandsuchmovie" moments, which is never too flash an observation, but if you go knowing it it is by no means unique, then you will be happy to discover the "running from the man" narrative has been given an even further update. Shia's comic side was only granted graze for one line, by my memory, which was a surprise.

Blissfully different. The tag-line, "A love story that goes beyond romance" is very fitting. Interwoven together beautifully, thought-provoking, and some of the finest acting I can recall having seen.

I recommend skipping (I fell asleep / turned it off / was very underwhelmed):
  • Drillbit Taylor
  • Across the Universe
  • Nim's Island
  • St Trinian's
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