Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pillowtalk: Semi-conscious

I promise, this post is G-rated.

Many people say indiscernible things while they sleep - muttery, gobbledeegook nothings, that do amuse.

What I find more amusing, however, is that my dear husband, delivers complete and correct sentences in his sleep...void of context for the awake listener. These whole phrases are so wondrously perfect, yet unconnected to any real thing, that I am led to create contexts in which they would be appropriate and logical.

Case 1:

This morning, I asked Haki how his visit to a friend's house went last night.

His response: "We rode 1500ccs around the whole time."

My husband is one of those men that opens a steaming car bonnet out of duty and appearances, scans the interior, and then concedes we should call for help. He has never been one to pin up pictures of cars, motorbikes, boats, or any engined thing. Thus, the term "1500ccs" coming from his lips intrigued me immensely.

I probed further, "Wow! What a night! Tell me more!"

And then came whole, complete sentence number 2: "I need to see a blacksmith."

After I had shelved my disappointment that Haki hadn't truly been riding around on motorcyles for kicks, I commenced laughing for some time about his new and pressing need to find someone to forge some metal for him.

And so begins my early-morning daydreaming of what Haki must be dreaming;

Haki leaves our home to visit friends. He arrives at their place to find they have sold their networked, high-speed high-res high-everything game-playing computers to purchase gleaming new 1500cc motorbikes. Instead of gaming for hours on end, they ride out in a pack to tour the streets of Dunedin for hours on end. While riding pigeon, Haki feels some nostalgia for the good old days when adventure and thrill were found indoors, in a warm, risk-free environment. He leans forward and shouts in the rider's ear, "We'll still play games sometimes though, right?" Straining to hear Haki, the novice rider turns his head for only a moment - long enough to lose control and skid sideways through the next intersection, and onto Queen's Garden park lawn. Rider and Haki both examine their leather-free limbs, now bleeding and broken. Craning their necks awkwardly to sight the bike's remains laying beyond on the grass, they both realise at the same time that restoring and selling the bike is their only hope for obtaining the money necessary to re-purchase a high-speed high-res high-everything game-playing computer to play on during their recovery time from their motorcycle injuries. The two share a knowing look of desperation. Feeling largely responsible for the crash, Haki feels compelled to offer to find someone who can help return fun and games to the way things were. Unsure of what such motorcycle specialist is called, looking to the crumpled metal steel heap metres distant, he cries, "I need to see a blacksmith".

Case 2:
(Will mean much less to non-gaming readers)

Many mornings ago, in a bedroom not far away, I said "Good morning" to my husband.

His never-forgotten reply came with haste, and anxiety; "There are no gems in the inn!"

I knew immediately that Haki must currently be on a quest. A quest within an MMORPG-like world, in which he had approached an NPC to receive his mission; "Collect 184 gems from Mondyoria village to take to the giant Gorianthe to trade for safe passage through the Muhavian Desert. But, be sure to bring them before sunset, or the Desert is forever closed to you and your kin". He has called for guild members to join him in his quest, and in guild-chat they are sharing regular status reports in their hunt; "I found 5 more in the cave behind the alchemist's"; "I found 13 gems in the church"...and then Haki, frantic at observing the on-screen graphics growing darker with the sun's setting, navigates his character out of the virtual building and cries to his fellows, "There are no gems in the inn!"

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