Monday, November 10, 2008

Draw-Play 3

This week I discovered a game I immediately proceeded to play out to its end. I like games of this type; simple concept, funky design, and once mastered, they're behind you (not an addiction).

The game is called Draw-Play 3. The basic concept being that you draw or erase paths / shields / walls for your little avatar to walk / scale / hide behind. The objective of each level is to get the mummy dude to the golfy flag.

I love it.

Click here to play it now.


Sample Level:
Things I really like about this game:
  • It's a problem-solving, puzzle game with a small dose of action. I do not like sitting and staring at pegs on boards for a puzzle, but I do like dodging timed rockets. Very much.
  • Gamers are co-creators in the game's design, as a level can be solved in more than one way, and the final "look" of a level is affected by who is playing. My digital theory lecturer would have a picnic with that last sentence.
  • The mummy is cute.
  • The game advances through easy to more challenging levels well. Games that get too hard to fast lose me, whereas this game forces you to learn some tricks to survive, but keeps you confident enough to keep playing.
  • I laughed out loud when I saw what happened when I failed to pass a level. The sound effects and music make this game better for me. Hilarious.
  • You can design your own playable levels. I always think this is a nice touch.
  • I've had a look-in at the game's prequels, and while they're cute, I think version 3 is edgier, more "actiony", and has refined the gaming concept.
  • The game portal for Draw-Play 3 is Armor Games, which sadly has started displaying really lame advertising banners atop and below the gaming frame. You can scroll so that these are not visible during game-play, but sometimes they're there, and they're stupe.
Bravo game creator, Eggy, for a nice little number.

Click here to play it now.
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