Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shift - It's Nifty

I apologise in advance for reviewing free online games...I understand that this can be detrimental to your health, marriage, home's appearance, and all manner of other things. I also know that in small doses they can make you smarter, cooler, and all-round better...right? I'm telling you, I deserve a break after writing reports for a 4-hour stretch each afternoon!

I've liked and recommended Shift for a while, it's time to make my respect known on these interwebs.

Shift is a (mostly) black and white game where your goal is to run and jump to get your little dude (or dudette in no 2) to the door. As levels advance there are more traps and tricks. Play the game to see why it's called Shift. Oh, okaaaaay, I'll show you.

Sample Level:

Same Level:
(scroll back and forth until you get it)

Things I like about the game:
  • Great basic concept again, and simplistic design. Also, it's different...I'd go so far as nifty. I'd go so far as to add it to my post title even...and giggle in delight at the effect of the consonance.
  • It's puzzle-based, with a little platform thrown in.
  • There are sequels, and they are worth playing (I recommend starting from Shift 1).
  • Shift 3 offers the opportunity to create your own levels (like Draw-play).
  • Armor is the host again, and their ads can stink.
  • The cheeky comic book text that appears in levels is sometimes...well, grammatically offensive to me. Sorry Tony, you are clever, and your game rocks; I forgive.
P.S. My competitive and uber-cool brother-in-law, Nat, thinks he's pretty fancy pants at this. Beat his time for completing Shift 1 his first time - 16 minutes.
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