Friday, November 14, 2008

Your Wild Self

Do/did you read this book?
I did. And sometimes still do. Sometimes it calls to me during library time on Thursdays.

Tonight I discovered a wondeeeeeeeeeeerful site (brought to us all by New York zoos) that allows you to create your very own wild self - my dreams realised, I'm telling you!

First, you get to build your "human self"...

I know, the resemblance sent a shiver down my spine too.

And theeeeen you get to build your wild self! Here I've cropped things so you can behold the wonder of the building options within the screen's console.

Ways I find this site great:
  • Like I say, this made one of my dreams come true.
  • It is so fun. It is made more fun by the sound effects played when you try on different ears, wings and things.
  • It is educational. You learn about the different animal features as you build and when you're through.
  • It is SO perfect for using with a junior class of students after reading Where the Wild Things Are!
  • It's a great activity for after a zoo trip with your son/daughter! If you read the book too, you're even cooler. I would LOVE to go into a house and see one of these pictures stuck on the fridge. I bet the zoos let you do it on site and print them to take home.
  • Finally, I do not think you need to be a child / teacher / parent to enjoy this site. Either you secretly love cartoony self-portraits and animal sound effects...or you have died inside.
Wanna Build Your Wild Self? Go on.

Thank you ILearn Technology for reviewing the site and pointing me in the right direction!

P.S. I am subscribed to ILearn Technology in my Reader, because using a Reader is very in. So in, it's never going out again...ever. Yes, I added this post script for you, Sherry.
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