Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kitty Litter

Dearest Readers,

Thank you to all who have called or written in the past few days to ensure I am not going to swim in kitty litter.

What I love the most about such messages, is that the danger to which you are all referring is called Toxoplasmosis....and this sneaky little parasite may also be caught by gardening without gloves, eating raw or undercooked meat, eating unwashed fruit or vegetables, playing in childrens' sandboxes, handling an infected cat, allowing flies to land on food, or eating raw eggs.

Yes, I would rather not harm my unborn baby.
Yes, I know your messages show you love me.
But how much? If you really cared, why have you not written and told me not to eat raw mutton? Or that bugs on my lettuce are a bad thing? What about my 8-yolk morning eggnog? Hmmm?

But seriously, rest assured dear ones, I know you care.
Be further soothed by knowing that my CNP ensures I fret plenty all on my own about such matters (and smaller ones).

These are the conclusions I came to relating to the kitty crisis, may they also help you cope:
  • What better time to get a kitten than when doctors and midwives recommend I really should not be the one changing the litter?
  • Many people have already had Toxoplasmosis and consequently have antibodies in their system. It is more likely if you have had an outdoor cat. It is even more likely if that outdoor cat brought in lots of dead animals - as that would reflect greater exposure to risk. Mittens, (rest her soul), was a generous huntress. I'm guessing (although I could have the midwife do the bloodwork...I am tempted), that all those mice, birds, rabbits, and other mangled creatures I was exposed to growing up have done me some good.
  • Even without immunity, many women have cats / kittens while pregnant, and no one else around to change the litter (poor them, I know!). These women just make a sincere commitment not to lick the rubber gloves they are wearing after handling the cats poop...or rub their eyes with them...or wash the dishes with them on....or play catch with them. Then these women stick to it.
  • Also, I will wash my hands all the time. Until they are raw. The end.

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