Monday, December 8, 2008

Pregnancy No 1 - 10 things I want to be sure to remember

I don't want to bore /disgust / discourage folks with the nitty gritty details of my pregnancy. I do wish to say that I find every symptom more pleasing than horrible (even the worst ones), because I feel like I'm finally experiencing this magical thing, in all its grandeur, and each symptom is another reminder I've truly been inducted to the ranks of millions of others who have. It's also an assurance things are still baking in there...because until I feel distinct and regular kicking, the symptoms (good and bad) are the only signals I've got.

There are some things I never want to forget;

ONE - Tonight, when Haki drove around town pointing, pausing, stopping, idling, and smiling as he led a conversation that went something like this:

"I know, we should take you to get those awesome grilled-cheese sandwiches you wanted the other night, when they were closed."
"I don't want them anymore, I'm sorry."
"Not Subway, obviously."
"Nothing ethnic."
"No. You just get something, I'll have fruit."
"No, we can keep doing this, I want to find you something."
"So close."

TWO - 2 weeks ago, when all I wanted for dinner were cheese muffin-splits. Every night. For a week.

THREE - How good watermelon, cereal, Up&Go, cucumber, and water taste - my pregnancy no. 1 fail-safe foods.

FOUR - The day that Haki told me, "Whenever I see pregnant ladies I can't help but grin. I think of you".

FIVE - Week 14, when I was sitting, reading at the computer and felt the first flutter of movement on the right side of my belly.

SIX - This Sunday, when the branch president announced there would be a meeting for parents of all youth directly after church...Haki leaned over and said, "That will be us in 12 years".

SEVEN - The way I feel now about the prospect of moving in with my mother-in-law. Never have I wanted to be smothered more. Never have I cared less about having "my own space". Bring on the fussing, spoiling, doting, excitable grandma-to-be.

EIGHT - Tonight, when Haki told me I was amazing.

NINE - The ultimate compliment. There are a lot of well-meaning expressions, questions and phrases I hear again and again now that I'm "with child" - some less welcome or more worn-out than others. The one thing I love being told is, "That is one lucky baby". Could you say anything nicer? I don't think so.

TEN - My first rebuff of a wandering hand. This Sunday I curtly dismissed the first unwelcome probe for my stomach. Don't get me wrong, I get it, you think you can touch me now that my stomach sticks out. Ask first; play it safe.
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