Saturday, January 3, 2009

6 years today

Today Haki and I celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary.

We booked ourselves in for an "All-year Valentines Package" at a nice hotel, and woke up this morning on fine sheets for a buffet breakfast.

Other highlights:
  • Haki's eyes lighting up when cellophane-wrapped deliveries appeared in our room each time we left it;
  • Haki expressing his resolve to become rich so we can afford to be treated this way more often;
  • Haki calling us "country bumpkins" when we marvelled at the design of the bathroom faucet;
  • Haki's willingness to swap our orders each dinner course upon their arrival at the table. He smiled as he slid his plate across and received mine in return. Apparently I'm not over smells....or being cautious with rare meat;
  • I know I mentioned breakfast, but again, the buffet breakfast = highlight; and
  • No dishes were produced in the making of this anniversary occasion.
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