Friday, January 16, 2009

A Bunch of Fours...about ME

A friend of a friend, Bart, tagged me to complete these lists of fours. I do so gladly, thanks Bartaroo. (Too much? We're not real friends, I know, but surely I'm entitled to giving you an uncomfortably uncool nickname now that I've responded to your tag. Surely.)

4 Things I'm Passionate About:
  • Winning.
  • Truth.
  • Justice.
  • Film.
4 Words or Phrases I Use Often:
  • "You're a good human."
  • "That's really funny."
  • "That's what ya get."
  • "Good times."
4 Things I Want to Do Before I Die:
  • Be twinkled.
  • Serve a mission with my husband.
  • Have my own child be proud of me.
  • Write a best-seller.
4 Things I Have Learned From the Past:
  • You should look at a pistachio before you eat it.
  • Every nation's closet houses skeletons.
  • There are many ways one can save money in the infant stages of a new business; doing one's own accounting is not one I would advise.
  • Mapping out the finer details of my future is necessary and futile at the same time, and that's okay.
4 Places I Want to See or Visit:
  • Egypt.
  • Jerusalem.
  • Alaska.
  • The continental U.S.A., namely California and Ohio, as I haven't seen my grandparents or eldest brother in years.
4 Favourite Restaurants:
  • The Spaggheti House, Rarotonga.
  • Thai Land (I place this here out of loyalty, although the thought of eating there presently causes me to gag...I have to believe I will once again desire such).
  • Etrusco at the Savoy.
  • Bennu.
4 Things that Happened Yesterday:
  • I checked out storage units in a giant warehouse full of storage units and felt very much like I was inside a science fiction film, such as Primer. While I looked to my arm in hope of goosebumps, smiling at having holodecked myself elsewhere, I realised the manager of the giant warehouse full of storage units would find the sharing of my "moment" very dull. I refrained from telling him. It feels so good to have it out of my system now.
  • Walking down my own street, I was asked by a lad from within a slow-passing car, "You haven't seen a little white dog, by any chance?". I refrained for the second time in one day, as I wished to reply, "You haven't seen my front and back door mats, by any chance?" Even if the answer was "no", perhaps I could convince him to add this to his list of "looked for stuff" as he cruised our neighbourhood? If only I had a photo of my missing mats he could carry with him.
  • I contemplated my reflection in the window of the house as I took care of Ninja's kitty litter (as Haki is away for work). For the first time in four weeks I was not looking at my stomach to survey how pregnant I I was quite taken with how striking I look in a pair of latex gloves. As I thought of all the occupations that would require the donning of such flattering accessories, it occurred to me, all require either a) ploughing through lots of academic study; b) ploughing through lots of filth or c) both. Such a shame.
  • I read abstracts, medical journal articles, and health pages on Toxoplasmosis as a result of having taken care of the kitty litter. I continue to remain overly-cautious, and yet self-chastising by the level to which this minimal risk occupies my thoughts.
4 People I Tag:
  • Paula - who does most of her blog-reading and writing during the quiet spells of her hospital night-shift.
  • Mariah - one of my dear sisters.
  • Anne-Marie - a person often mistaken as my sister.
  • Haki - the husband - whom I now invite to do a guest post (I know you're all dying to hear from him).
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