Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas and New Year 2008

This Christmas Haki's mum rallied together her father, siblings and sundry for a BBQ-Christmas in a little lodge near Wanaka. We spent three days relaxing and taking in the scenery of central Otago.

Including sites such as this...

and this...

Now, please note, in this second shot (in Queenstown),
  • I am 5 months pregnant...I realise that by posting this I will incite begging from my sister/Heather/my mother to write an entire post about my growing baby bump due to its lack of visibility here; and
  • What we are wearing.
Why? Why you ask? Well, because it will help you make out meeeeeee and Haki in the next photo:

This is taken of a video screen in Puzzling World. I am the giant to the left, Haki is the diminuitive lad with the camera, at right. Awesome LOTR-style tricksies.

Haki's cousin, Kelly, took the opportunity (on our visit to Queenstown) to take the plunge. Kelly is the pink bobbing human below (enlarge to make out limbs and whatnot).

I think it's weird how much I've changed in the past 10 years...because I bungy jumped in Taupo when I was 15. I thought it was an essential part of kiwi experience then; something I must do. Now, I feel sort of guilty even admitting I have. But then...also compelled to share this little piece of information (scratching my head), because my jump was 47 metres, this is only 42.

We then drove on to Christchurch to spend some time with my brother, Jeremy, his wife and kids.

Their kids are beautiful.

Also, my husband is beautiful.

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