Sunday, January 25, 2009

The House Fixaroo Begins

Our 100-year-old+ cottage is currently getting a facelift.

Things I am grateful for:
  • Dave. Dave gets his own bullet-point because he's just so rootin' tootin' special. He's the man with lots of know-how, can-do, AND willingess to be our slave. I know, I know, it's "service"...but really, he's workin' without pay, and that sounds a loooooot like slavery to me. By the look on Dave's face, we are good masters (he's re-attaching the corner framing over the neeeeeeeeew weatherboards, above).
  • The other slaves. Phill, Chris, and Ben also joined Haki yesterday, The House Fixaroo's launch-day. Good humans.
  • The slaves' families...and wives, in particular. While the men get all sweaty and hard labour it up, it's easy to think, "Wow, these men are good sorts, I will fill them with cheese rolls and chilled beverages"...and forget the wonderful significant others in their lives that are also making a sacrifice. Behind every working slave is a family not enslaving him elsewhere....also, not getting to hang with him. So I am grateful for the wives and kiddilicks whose husbands and Dadios were not available to fix THEIR homes or play with them this weekend.
  • Good weather.
  • To be moving out. While most of the Fixaroo has thus far been confined to the cottage's exterior, I am relieved to know that we are in the process of moving out for the duration of the project. So...much...easier.
  • Church - which, while being many other things, is also like a slave market.
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