Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I continue to resist the need to cease and desist

Five things I currently do, that I know I shouldn't:
  1. Eat Nutella from the jar with a spoon. Also, I always promise myself I will only have one bite - that all I need is a little sweetness - but never ever stop there.
  2. Smirk to myself whenever I make my way to our car. I still find her very novel. It's been more than a year since the purchase was made.
  3. Press snooze on my morning least 6 times before getting up. I set it for an earlier time to enable this.
  4. Sit on my feet. Haki insists that when they turn purple it is not a good sign. I assure him I am comfortable, and I will not get varicose veins. When he leaves the room, I hastily change positions and massage my calves in fear. I then refrain from breaking up my circulation in such a way for at least 30 minutes before I forget, and swing them back up under me.
  5. Stay in the shower, long, long after I am done. This habit has only developed lately, founded on my internal rationalisation that I am working hard packing, cleaning, and so on...and when my back hurts, a long, hot night shower is much cheaper than a massage. Also, I'm pregnant. Okay, I should've gone with that one first.
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