Sunday, January 25, 2009

Necessary Updates: Crafty Kim, Ninja and The $625.61 Letter

Crafty Kim

Faithful followers will recall Crafty Kim - the mysterious woman who reportedly signed for a courier parcel of free goodies sent to our address? And then there was the ensuing pursuit of her identity and punishment?

Well...I have a confession to make.

A few weeks ago I received a call from a small courier company advising me a very dusty box from Lone Star was sitting in their office with my name on it. I laughed into the phone. Startled, the caller asked if I cared to pick it up, to which I agreed I would.

I then proceeded to write to Cam and let him know I felt awfully guilty that in the end we got two boxes of free goodies as a result of whatever had happened to box number one. I offered to send box one back. Cam insisted we were meant to have double the fun.

I went to the warehouse and adjoining office of this courier company, and ventured into places where lost things go to die. And there, true to the caller's description, lay a very, very dirty box...with very good goodies.

Who are you Kim? And where did you go? Do you work at the courier parcel graveyard...and so signed for our goodies there? Or did guilt get the better of you, and you returned our box?


Our kitten, once in limbo, and in and out of my favour, now resides with Phill, Amee and their tribe. For how long, no one knows, but in the meantime, he can go outdoors and play...and we are free to launch The House Fixaroo and move multiple times.

While I know he's gone to a better place...*sniff*...I sometimes think I can still hear his little bell as he scampers to meet me at the door.

I am somewhat comforted by knowing we have very lax visiting rights.

The $625.61 Letter

I have written quite a few pleading/coaxing/semi-threatening letters in my time.

The latest success, being The $625.61 Letter to Haki's previous employer, who, in conversation, had proven very adverse to honouring a debt to my dear husband. In writing, it appears he was more easily persuaded, and we were happy to receive his cheque. Promptly.

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