Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ninja in Limbo

Introducing....... Ninja:
You remember, the kitten I decided we should own.

He has now been in our home for 24 hours, and has done all his business in the business box. Bravo Ninja.

Sadly, the mother-in-law and husband are having second thoughts on this guy becoming a permanent member of our family. Namely, both have suggested we find him another home.

These are the cons, as noted by them:
  • Haki and I will be moving at least 3 times in the next 6 months - so when exactly do we let him outside, into the neighbourhood? (He hasn't been outside yet...)
  • He likes climbing things. My mother-in-law has pretty things in her house.
  • He is a boy. Boys spray their pee to mark their territory...eventually. Pee smells. Boys fight with other toms. There are a lot of toms in our neighbourhood (you'll remember I established this while canvassing the area for Crafty Kim - which I must follow up on, by the way). Boys need fixed. Being fixed costs.
  • Having him around does increase the risk of Toxoplasmosis. Even if only slightly.
These are the pros, as noted by Haki:
These are the pros, as noted by me:
  • He is cute. The end.
So presently, Ninja is in limbo. Currently, Ninja resides with us - because I didn't want to back out on an agreement, and the owners had already paid for injections etc. and held onto him long enough waiting for us to get back from our holiday.

I know I could win over the hubby-huxter and grandma-to-be if I tried really hard. overactive imagination and CNP combine and cause me to imagine the following scenarios:

I ignore all of their whinging AND THEN....
  • Ninja loses his way, with all the moving around, and is catnapped by the mat thieves. Haki and Bev were right. I feel bad.
  • Ninja tears my mother-in-law's home to shreds and I no longer am entitled to pregnancy amnesty. Bev was right. I feel bad.
  • Ninja is mauled by the local top tom and loses his ninja skills and gets called "ninny" by all his kitten friends. Haki was right. I feel bad.
  • Something bad happens to the baby - related or otherwise to Ninja's existance. I feel really, really, really bad at the slightest possibility it is my fault.
So there you have it.

Ninja: Fate Uncertain. Aw.

Current plan of action: Ask nice humans if they would like a kitten. Place Ninja's fate in their hands.
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