Friday, January 9, 2009

The Ol' Ninja Switcharoo

You may recall, a mere 6 days ago, when I was being convinced by Bev (mother-in-law) and Haki (husband) that our kitten was a bad idea; that said kitten should be evicted....or less dispassionately, put up for adoption.

I wouldn't say we've done our darnedest in locating new owners. I mean, I've asked some people. Haki says he did too.

But what is fascinating to me, is how much our views have changed in those 6 days.

Let me summarise this in a graph...or 3.

And based on the following comments...

Haki: "I tried not to become attached...but I think you would have to be the epitomy of evil not to be. I want to keep him forever."

Bev: "[Ninja] will need to learn that the baby's things are not his things."

...I'd say the original graph has shifted to look a little bit more like this:

And for the record, Ninja's waste accuracy stats remain at 100% in the right place. But is it enough?
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