Monday, February 16, 2009

Pregnancy No 1 - 10 more things of note, broken into their poles

I would like to add, to my previous list, ten more things about this pregnancy, and how I'm feeling just now (6.5 months cookin'), that I would like to remember;

Right now...
  1. I love waking up without an alarm. Specifically, I feel like a champion to be up, about, and doing things when my alarm goes off. Hearing the chime from within the bedroom I'm no longer occupying signifies to me that I am exceeding my own expectations - that I am managing better than I thought I would when I retired the previous evening. Perhaps I do set my alarm a little late to increase the likelihood such success will be simulated...
  2. I love blue-top milk by the glass (blue-top = full fat). This is significant for two reasons, a) I was the girl in elementary school who received a glass of apple juice from the morning milk cart, due to my apparent lactose intolerance; and b) Once I grew out of this as a teenager, I never really rekindled a romance with drinking plain milk. Dairy products - yes, milk by the glass - no. I now find it delicious.
  3. I love tax write-offs. Recently I called Inland Revenue to set up an arrangement to pay off a sum of money I was going to pay in full, but now find myself unable to. This money was a result of the art gallery making a profit on paper. Inland Revenue invited me to complete an application stating my change in financial circumstances (i.e. hello maternity leave and good-bye salary). I did. Inland Revenue then told me I didn't have to pay my $2651.36 income tax debt from the last financial year. Ever. Thank you pregnancy, for unintentionally serving as a tax dodge.
  4. I love movement. I know, I know, later y'all think I'll become irritated by the baby within...but presently, even when it wakes me, I find the tossing, kicking, and hokey pokey dancing delightful. Maybe it is because I came into pregnancy with an extra serving of paranoia and reservation, but for me movement serves as reassurance instead of irritation...or maybe the movement just hasn't reached irritation-point. All I know is, I can see her moving, not just feel it, and despite occasional, unshakeable thoughts of Alien, it is grand.
  5. I love cleaning. I take joy in removing everything from a cupboard or pantry, wiping it out, organising it into piles, and putting it back in. I then fold my arms and sigh - content with the fraction of space now used, the logic of the new configuration, the knowledge the dust bunnies have lost, and my assessment of a job well done. In this final trimester I find my need to de-clutter and simplify my life intensified. I want to have less things, and more space. So much so, I am thrilled when a superfluous, gifted moisturiser runs out - it means I have one less bottle in the house, and that makes a difference. Due to said love for less things, I very much revel in having a skip outside The House Fixaroo. Ofttimes I can be found grinch-grinning as I palm a reject item, walk out the front door, and cast my clutter into the metal tub of sanctification. The resounding crashing and smashing only adds to my delight that I have removed one more item from my world, and now there is more room in it for me - ever growing, and a new human - and all her associated paraphernalia.

  6. I do not like it when our neighbours and anonymous strangers defile our tub of sanctification. Each visit to The House Fixaroo I find another uninvited reject item from someone else's world has made its way into our skip. Dirty free-loading off-loaders. I am considering divvying up the final skip invoice's total and placing an incremental bill in each letter-box on the street. The listed particulars would read, "For reaping the benefits of the Suchandsuch St Skip - I know what you did this summer." Perhaps I could attach a memo; "Don't think the doormats have been forgotten".
  7. I do not like it when I do not remember falling asleep. Yes, I may arise energised, and enthused about breakfast...but sometime around midday I find myself waking up again, (huh?), with no recollection of planning to nap. These naps strike on any comfy couch and during any temporary bed-sit.
  8. I do not like feeling as though I contribute little to The House Fixaroo's momentum. After all, I am feeling really, really good right now. I feel very useful. I want to do things. What, I shouldn't sand century-old paint? I can't climb that ladder? I cannot move the fridge? Wear a valved mask when I paint? I can't spray the weeds? But I feel really, really good right now. Humph.
  9. I do not like it that the things I am still really useful for, really don't matter to anyone else. I configured the modem. I sat in phone queues. I imported your bookmarks. I compressed your archived files. I installed an ad-blocker add-on. I saved all your files in logical folders. I labelled all of the plugs by the wall. I put filters on all the phone jacks. I updated all the drivers. I backed up the computer. I transferred your files from an old, virus-ridden computer to a newer laptop. I created a user for you. I retrieved years of email attachments from your mail client and made them accessible. What, you haven't logged onto Trademe on the new computer before, so there is no cookie there so Trademe would "remember you" upon visiting? I failed. Please add all listed tasks to the list titled, "The things people only notice if we don't do them".
  10. I do not like it that a devastating dry spell in good quality film coincides with my desire to watch good quality film. I guess this one isn't so pregnancy-related. Hmm.
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