Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sabbath Amusements

What a great Sunday this has been so far, and so may it continue!

In addition to three great sacrament meeting talks, there were also two wonderfully amusing moments during the church meetings today.


Our closing hymn in our sacrament meeting was "High on the Mountain Top".

The second verse begins:
For God remembers still, his promise made of old...

Bless the Samoan sister behind me, who sang:
For God remembers still, his promise made of gold...

Bless. What a wonderful Mondegreen.


The fun didn't stop there. Oh-o no!

Today, in Primary, (Sunday school classes after the sacrament meeting for the children), one of the junior classes delivered their class presentation. I love class presentations - it's adorable seeing a class stand up and share something they have prepared with the rest in attendance.

Today's presentation was about God's creations. The activity involved children taking turns clutching an image of an animal to their chest, giving clues to the others as to which animal they had concealed, and their audience throwing up their hands, wide-eyed with guesses in response.

One of the children stood holding a fairly small, cardboard-backed illustration. He proffered the clue, "It builds a web". Most of the children stretched their hands up as though it pained them, one child was chosen to guess, and correctly gave "Spider" as one of God's creations.

The successful guesser then took his place up the front, and peeked at the picture he'd been given by the presenting class' teacher. He then gave his first clue; "It swims in water".

Perhaps vague to you or me, many children felt certain they knew this boy's animal.
"Dolphin!" supplied Sunny.
"Whale!" suggested Chester.
"Nooooooo." replied the young boy, holding his picture tight.

The boy in the know then released his picture briefly to look at it again, and then added another clue; "It has wrinkles on its forehead".

I exchanged looks with another adult in attendance, and mouthed "Walrus?" in sync with her - we shared the same suspicion.

Then, little Jonty cried out his answer - "Jesus Christ!!"

Not only did I seize up laughing in response to his guess, it was made worse when Jonty's class teacher added, "Sometimes that works, but not this time".

The ol' "call out the Saviour's name" trick, eh?

THAT, or apparently those two clues pointed directly at the Prince of Peace, and I'm missing something.


I'm still shaking my head..."Swims in water...has a wrinkley forehead...GOT IT!"
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