Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Tum

As promised, here's a post on The Tum.

The Tum.
It grows.

Here it is at precisely 6 months of growing.

Please note, that is a shadow, and not a second chin. Nor is it a chin tumour.

You didn't know I was pregnant? Get updated here.

Haki refuses to ever take more than one photo of me upon request, insisting the first one is good and the shoot is over. Thus, this is the only offering I have.

Back to The Tum, and its growing.

I can still wear baggy things and hide The Tum.
This is due to the insane "hiders" I have on my chest, which have also grown.
I do not like the hiders, like them I do not.
It's like The Tum can conceal itself behind curtains suspended from the hiders, like a naughty guest in a room they are not meant to be in.
I do not wear curtain-like clothing as a result (although dear Maria has convinced me it is the perfect thing to wear for prancing about fountains and climbing trees...just not pregnancy).
I prefer clothing that hugs The Tum and accessories enough to illustrate that the hiders are in fact a by-product of my condition, not:
  • extensive surgery;
  • alien abduction and experimentation;
  • sock-stuffing; or
  • me becoming a grapefruit tree.
Allow me to illustrate.

Here's The Tum, in two different shots, at 5 months pregnant.

Where did it go?
Tum, where aaaaaaaare you?

*holding chest in relief* There you are! I couldn't see you behind those curtains!

So, there you have it.
For those who care.
And for those who probably didn't care to know so much...well, tough.

P.S. We are dancing. That is what you do in the gardens, silly!
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