Wednesday, March 4, 2009

They're baaaaaa-aaack

And much like a poltergeist, ihug / vodafone makes a whole lot of noise...but there's no real evidence they're really there.

Some will recall my post titled, "Worst...service...ever", which refers to said company. In short, ihug / vodafone made a lot of promises to deliver broadband, and failed to deliver on all fronts.

And now they're collecting a fee for all their trouble...

Yes, this arrived today. They wish to charge me for being poltergeisted. "Other charges" includes the hardware I am returning (the modem they are yet to send a courier pack for), and "1 x Connection and Wiring". "Connection", you say? Fascinating. Lots and lots of noise you make...but where are you "Connection"?

And so, sadly, this morning I had to again take up this mantle: set things straight.

Apparently I'll be hearing from a "team manager" sometime.

I look forward to it. Perhaps I can just give him/her a link to my "Worst...service...ever" post? Save ourselves the trouble of a conversation?
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