Thursday, March 26, 2009

Top 20 for the Lost 20

Here are 20 things I care to report for the last 20 days of my virtual absence from the cyberlands.
  1. I felt exceptionally chuffed with myself to use some time I spent waiting in the car wiping the interior down with car cleaning cloths I keep in the glovebox. I create my own magic.
  2. Last Sunday a child in Primary offered a fellow attendee "all of [his] money" to swap seats with him. The bribe was backed up with, "It's the real world". The bribee then said "Okay", although no seat exchange or transaction took place. I was somewhat disappointed by this anti-climax.
  3. The dog next door to my mother-in-law's does not bark. It talks.
  4. We moved out of my mother-in-law's and into an apartment of our own. This was possible because of earth-bound angels. There are many reasons and benefits of this move - one minor one being that I no longer have to travel the Path of Peril.
  5. The House Fixaroo continues, although I am becoming increasingly unhelpful. My mamma has flown down, yet again, to our aid. We hope to have the house ready for sale by the end of next week.
  6. I dream about sanding and painting.
  7. We saw He's Just Not That Into You. I'm not giving it a mini-movie-review. I'll give it one more sentence: We took a lesson from it, and it wasn't all bad, but I wouldn't say it's a goodie.
  8. I miss my dad.
  9. As for The Tum, I am fast approaching the 8-month mark (a.k.a "Photo Day"). I am starting to feel real excitement now...and a sense of get the car seat, cot and buggy sorted. Also...the baby shower. The only downers for the pregnancy at this stage are a) the "becoming increasing unhelpful" (Number 3), and that b) I think my sciatic nerve, or its cousin, hate me. I have at least one spell each day / night where I am certain I am going to pass out. I take paracetamol and then assume a myriad of body contortions to survive the 32 minutes until it kicks in.
  10. My least favourite place where this cold-sweat-and-near-pass-out pain occurred was in a large store with a concrete floor. I curled over the trolley to hold myself up and winced my way through the check-out. No, this is not just the usual pregnancy discomfort. I am not so shabby with pain. Ask my docs and nurses with the forearm-length needles they tickled me with.
  11. ihug have still not reclaimed their modem. I would like to hold it ransom for a bouquet of flowers to apologise for providing the worst service ever. Alternatively, a trip for four to the gold coast...which I would give to the earth-bound angels.
  12. My hair needed a trim. I trimmed it. No one noticed.
  13. I managed to keep the washing basket empty for 5 days straight. Then, when some"thing" literally got on my nerves I found myself viewing half-full as completely acceptable. Okay, maybe full. I accept that I will never have this little washing to do again in my life.
  14. I like when I can see the baby move. She moves a lot. I like it. Even if it wakes me. I welcome being woken to a reminder that we are blessed to have a miracle pregnancy.
  15. I love my diary. It is a list-holder.
  16. We do not have the internet at the new apartment just yet. After all the hullabaloo to get it running (and smartly) at the mother-in-laws...we moved. I haven't even moved the computer yet.
  17. I miss my spreadsheets.
  18. I value my friends. I have great friends. Did I mention there really are angels on the earth?
  19. Right now I like buying avocados from a little vege shop on a street corner. Also, eating them.
  20. Today, in said little corner vege shop, a parent of a former student asked me if I'd had my baby. It's true. Also, fair enough.
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