Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The 3D Plan of Salvation

On the Saturday just past, I was in charge of this quarter's Primary activity.

I prepared "The 3D Plan of Salvation" - my effort to create a "walk-through", simplified version of the little map missionaries draw in their discussions with people investigating the church (sometimes they even have a foam puzzle of it, or illustrations like this).

The activity involved:
  • Not being allowed to touch the gymnasium floor (it was Outer Darkness, of course);
  • Moving from sheets labelled from "Pre-earth Life" through to "Life with Heavenly Father" (there were four sheets in our plan - can you name them all?);
  • Bridging gaps using bridge-builders labelled "Resurrection" and "Atonement";
  • Simulating some of the very serious choices we make on earth...such as what we put in our bodies (a spoon of Nutella or Marmite, which do you choose?), what kind of family we will "build" (by creating a family flag), and what we will wear (facepaint);
  • Partaking of sweet foodstuffs at its conclusion (65% fruit...I justify)...because surely that is heaven.
Things that impressed me:
  • How confidently junior members in attendance identified the two cut-out figures displayed in the pre-mortal existence;
  • How certain they were that they had followed the Saviour's plan; and
  • How much of this knowledge was quoted from the lyrics of I Lived in Heaven. Music is powerful.
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