Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Final Chapter of The House Fixaroo

The House Fixaroo is finally drawing to its close!

'The' interested buyer walked through the property with his wife yesterday...and so now the fasting begins! We'll know in about a week whether we will even need to put our little piece of love on the market.

Our wee cottage received a facelift inside...

and out...

...with more than a little help from our friends.

In fact, these pictures just don't tell the story.

Go and make yourself a Milo, or put a load of washing that this is ready to play when you come back.


My dreams are no longer about filling, sanding, painting, and more painting. They've switched to much more normal turning up at my previous place of employment, inappropriately addressed and very, very ashamed (my dream of two nights ago).

Life is good.
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