Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mini-movie-reviews: Bulk Hit No 7

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
We went and saw this with the lovely Paula and Dave last night. Yes, both Wolverine and Hugh Jackman are awesome. Yes, it is better than the other X-Men movies. And oh my, New Zealand provides a wonderful backdrop. But (did you smell this word's approach?)...I must whole-heartedly agree with my sister's assessment; "There's a lot of sharp violence". I know this should have been obvious and foreseen, what with the main character having adamantium claws 'n' all...but her words are the best summary of the cringe-inducing scenes I found to be more cringe-inducing than I expected. Slicing and dicing things - awesome. Slicing and dicing flesh (super-human or not) - cringe-inducing. I was riveted from start to finish, I enjoyed the story, and I was impressed by the casting. But... this one was too violent for me to view it again, or recommend it to one and all (I'm surprised it was rated 'M' in NZ). Further, I felt innocent characters were over-exploited in effort to heighten the characterisation of villians' "evilness".

The Day the Earth Stood Still
I expected this to be very, very average. It did not disappoint me as a result. If you love science fiction, as I do, and rent with similarly low'll find some elements to enjoy. Keanu Reeves being cast as an expressionless visitor from another planet; genius. But overall, the film doesn't take off. Fizzer. Aw.

24: Redemption
Viewed as a stand-alone film - unresolved. Viewed as the pilot it is - it delivers. Jack Bauer is my favourite hero, and as a result I found myself nodding, grinning, and clenching my fists during this feature, thinking, "You go, Jack!" and "That is so 'Jack'". If you're not a 24 fan, you probably won't know what the fuss is about. If you're already sold on the probably didn't need me to convince you anyway. Oh, Jack.

Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2
I believe in variety, okay people? Plus, I liked the first movie. I was surprised by how much, actually. So if you are equally willing to admit enjoying this film's prequel...and have been wondering if 2 was going to be weak and disappointing...I'm happy to report I found it just as good as the first (which is a very relative phrase, I know). Clearly, if you were disinterested in the prequel, or loathed it...this is not for you. But if you were teetering, like me, thinking, "It was risky to rent number one", now you know...a fan of the first says "yes" to the second.

The Other Sister
Now for one from the stack. This film was refreshing and charming. I watched it with my mom and Anne-Marie. Anne-Marie cried. Quite a bit. We all agreed it was a "good movie"; Anne-Marie, through tears. Juliette Lewis and Giovanni Ribisi tell a coming-of-age story of two people for whom "proper" social etiquette does not come easily. Well worth renting.

Nights in Rodanthe
Not bad. It hasn't changed my life, but it did fill the yearning for a film of its flavour. I always like Diane Lane's performances. I liked that the characters are flawed and improved for having known each other.

Edge of Love (Terrible! Depressing! Horrible! Filthy! Not film-worthy.)
Centre Stage: Turn It Up (When you start treating a movie playing in your home like an ad know it's not going so well. I gave it my distracted attention.)
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