Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Sister's Feelin' Good

If you already know Erika, then you're probably already voting for her...and if you are now asking, "Voting for her in what?" you now won't be able to resist getting on board. Rikster is currently the top-running groover in the Subway "Feel Good Moves" dancing video competition. Competitors film themselves dancing to the song "Feel Good", post it online, and then the top three videos (most votes) are judged by a panel at week's end, and the winner gets $1,000 for feelin' good...publicly. Now you Daily. Thanks!

If you don't know my sister, Erika, then do a good deed for a stay-home mother of two who is dancing out on the street to earn cash...fully clothed. Vote.

It's way better with music and movement. Go look.
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