Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Second $3.00 Bag

It began as an innocent walk into town.

Why, hello elderly ladies speaking over the fence. How very Mosgiel of you!

Doop de doo de doo.

Hello passer-by. Yes, I am pregnant, I can tell by the way you're looking at my stomach for an extended period of time that you are quite fascinated by my state.

Look both ways. Cross.

And then entered the wicked thought...
I could swing by Sallies to check for cake tins - after all, I did make Mieke's cake in a casserole dish, and that won't fly a second time. Yes, yes, what a novel idea. I'll do that.

The $3.00 bag sale was still on.

It wasn't my fault.

So here are my cake tins...and "friends". /sigh

I may be even more chuffed with this bag than the last! Along with my cake tins I scored 7 pillowcases (which I intend to use as bassinet sheets), a dress suit, dress, skirt, baby cardy, baby T, baby togs, nappy bag, wicker basket divided into partitions (oh my goodness, partitions!), V-cut top, and two little photo albums (which I actually use as mini-clearfiles to store my vouchers. That's right, I store my vouchers this way. Don't act surprised. Yes, I can do a whole post about it).

What's that you say? You want a closer look at the skirt? Okay.

The top is also fab.

And the dress suit.

I'm only half-sorry.
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